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Hari 3,443

Top 100 Prestige Hunters - Update

Dear Citizens,

The gold rewards introduced for the Top 100 Prestige Hunters are now available each week. In order to be eligible for the top 100, a player needs to reach a minimum of 20,000 prestige points.

The Prestige Hunter Medal will also be available for grabs each week.

We want to hear from you - did you enjoy the Spring Weekly Challenge and its faster energy recovery? Did you manage to get your hands on the new Prestige Hunter Medal? Or were you in the Top 100 Prestige Hunters? Let us know what you think on the eRepublik Forum.

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Hari 3,433

Giftster 2017

Dear Citizens,

Welcome the Spring Holidays by joining the battlefield for the action-packed weekend for those of your who “carrot” stop fighting!

We are sending you not on an Egg Hunt, but on a Carrot Hunt!

For the upcoming weekend, we are bringing back the gift packs. On the 15th,16th and 17th of April, Citizens who have dealt the most damage in a battle will receive gifts. Like before, the amount of packs won will depend on the position in the top 5, the division where you fought and the outcome of the battle for your side.


Complimentary gift packs will also be received for those who purchase Gold or packs during the weekend (one gift pack for every 2.5 EUR of purchases).

Each Gift Pack contains 1 Gold and 5 Carrots worth 50 Energy each.

We wish everyone who's celebrating Easter bright and happy holidays!

Please note that:
- Gift Packs can be received for purchases starting Day 3,434 until the end of Day 3,436 (23:59)
- Gift Packs must be offered to friends by the end of Day 3,438
- Gift Packs can be offered to friends by going to their profile and pressing the “Send a gift” button
- You can see the amount of Gift Packs you have by visiting your Storage
- Carrots must be used until the end of Day 3,441

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum.
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Hari 3,423

Top 100 Prestige Hunters

Dear Citizens,

Congratulations to all of you who have managed to complete the Weekly Challenge last week and got their hands on the new Prestige Hunter Medal!

The Big winners are: gift_chart

Prizes will be received tomorrow.

The full list of winners is available here

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

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Hari 3,420

Joke was on Plato!

Dear Citizens,

On this April Fool’s day it seems that the joke was all on Plato! The Headless Chicken pulled a prank on him, making our code go bananas.


Plato might be lots of things but he’s not that much of a grinch on your expense so he will add 1500 Energy in the Energy pool, as well as the Boosters which have been used.

We wish you lots of fun on this April Fool’s day, we will be busy crying.

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Hari 3,419

April Fool's Day Event

Dear Citizens,

Fed up about all those old players parading their huge strength? Disappointed to see your Battle Hero medal go up in smoke because your hits cannot match others? Angry for not being able to fight back ? Well, today the joke is on them.

For April Fool’s Day (Day 3,420), you can switch strength with another Citizen for two hours and then go to town with it!

To do this, just go on a someone’s profile and select "Switch Strength." If they will accept it, the strength will be switched for the next two hours. We hope that strong Citizens will also have fun reliving the days of the past, or play Grinch and rent their precious strength.

The 2 hours are counted from the moment the request is sent and April Fool’s strength is not taken into account for setting a Division Max Hit.

In order to celebrate this day properly, Plato is increasing temporarily the value of the True Patriot medal. With each medal earned you will get 20 bazookas instead of the 1000 currency. That’s around 60% more!

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Hari 3,416

Prestige Hunter Update

Dear Citizens,

Today, between 00:40 and 1:02 eRepublik time, the performance of one of our redis servers degraded unexpectedly, rendering the site unusable. Although we did our best to restore the service as quickly as possible, we are aware that most of you who tried to harvest the epic battles during this period were unable to make the most of their boosters.

We are sorry for the frustration it caused and we restored the full boosters that were active during that time and were affected by the issue. The boosters are already in your inventory at the time of publishing. You can check the full list here

Tomorrow we will also add 4 prestige boosters (+1 prestige points, 5 minute duration) to the inventory of each player who has logged in today. The boosters will expire half an hour before the end of this week’s challenge ( Day 3,422 23:30).

As some of you have already discovered, during the event no extra rewards are available on the weekly progress bar after the 40000 Prestige Point threshold. We did cap the prizes to that milestone as during previous weeklies, only several players did surpass that milestone and even fewer significantly.

We do however acknowledge that this is no regular "weekly", and given your feedback we are adding an extra layer of prizes for the heavy tankers.

The top 100 Prestige Points hunters will compete for extra rewards as follows:

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Hari 3,409

The Spring Weekly Challenge

Dear Citizens,

The Spring Weekly Challenge is here! #MakeWarNotLove!
Make sure to get on board with it!

Whether you want to defend your country or invade another, the Spring Weekly Challenge gives you the Energy needed to get you in fighting shape faster.

The Spring Weekly Challenge will start on day 3,409 and will last for four weeks.

The second week of the Spring Weekly Challenge (that starts day 3,416) will see the introduction of a new medal - the Prestige Hunter medal - for those dedicated soldiers who manage to complete the challenge and gather 40,000 prestige points.

Happy prestige points hunting!

For questions, comments and feedback, please visit the Forum.

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Hari 3,384

Civil War limitations and Dictatorship Upkeep

Dear Citizens,

We are pleased to introduce new profile cards inspired by the work of the Community. The cards will pop up if you hover a citizen’s nick in various places across


Civil wars

Also, in response to the Community’s requests regarding Dictatorship, we decided to make some changes regarding the mechanics of opening a Civil War (liberation war included).
First of all, from now on you have to be a level 25 Citizen in order to create a Military Unit. Furthermore, in order to open a Civil War, a Military Unit needs to be at least 60 days old. Only commanders who are in charge of such military units for at least 14 days and have reached experience level 25 can start Civil Wars. The Dictatorship mechanics have also been revised and a Daily Dictatorship Upkeep cost will be introduced.

In order for the dictator to remain in power, a daily currency fee will be automatically deducted from the Country’s Treasury. If the payment can not be done, Democracy will be reinstated automatically and Dictatorship will be removed without any liberation war. The amount of money needed for the Daily Dictatorship Upkeep will be 50% of a Country’s Income, with a minimum value of 25 Gold at Monetary Market Exchange Rate.

The Upkeep will be in effect starting 31st of March 2017 (Day 3,419), thus giving all countries time to set their political affairs in order.


Few hours ago a security vulnerability has been disclosed in one of our service providers. Cloudflare, a popular content delivery network used by more than 5.5 million sites that we use to reduce exposure to DDOS attacks, announced that under certain circumstances sensitive information such as HTTP cookies, authentication tokens, HTTP POST bodies has been accidentally leaked due to a bug. Cloudflare has since fixed the issues at the heart of the problem.

While there is no evidence that was affected, nor that the vulnerabilities were exploited by hackers, we have invalidated all our citizens session identifiers. We would also like to remind you that you should use unique, strong passwords, for each account/site and change it once a potential vulnerability is disclosed, even in cases that look benign (citizens that exclusively Facebook sign in are not affected).

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Hari 3,363

Minor Tweaks and Improvements

Dear Citizens,

As you might have noticed, we have made some small changes affecting the Media Module. The first one refers to the empty comments which have been deactivated, meaning that as of now, you can comment to an article only if the input field is not empty.

Furthermore, in order to make more content available for you at all times, articles are now ranked based on a number of different factors, such as votes, comments, endorsements and ultimately, age. This means relevant content will be accessible for longer, and low quality content will be easier to filter out.

We would also like to announce that we have fixed a bug regarding the Daily Rewards which, in certain conditions, could be collected not once but twice during the same day. We will undo the benefits acquired by Citizens who were able to collect the rewards twice (Daily Reward Bug)

With regards to the Military Module, the Legend Rank XX is currently the highest achievable rank, which is a mighty achievement.

We await your feedback regarding these changes on the eRepublik Forum
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Hari 3,320

Giftmass 2016

Dear Citizens,

In order to properly welcome the Winter Holidays, we have prepared for you a weekend-long Christmas event.

‘Tis the season to be generous and fight, in order to receive gifts to put under the tree! Or, if you are feeling particularly generous, to give them away while the Christmas spirit is present in the New World!

On the 23rd, 24th and 25th, Citizens who have dealt the most damage in a battle will receive gifts. These festive rewards will be given taking into consideration different aspects, such as whether they are on the winning or losing side of the battle, as well as the division in which they fight and, of course, the rank they score in the Top damage.


Plato is also playing Santa and is giving away twice as many gifts between December 23rd and 25th on purchases.

Therefore, don’t be a Grinch and gift away from the goodness of your heart!

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