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Gold Awards for battle of BSCoT [RO/EN]

91 1,872 jour, 08:02 Published in Romania Romania Consignes de combat Consignes de combat


Hello fellows!

As you can see we need some help in I offer you a "small" stimulation...
For every round, all divisions, I double the amount of gold received from BH AND 1 Gold for every player in Top 5
The Campaign

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Despre cumpararea de voturi/subs

23 1,708 jour, 03:04 Published in USA USA Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement


Am zis sa scriu si eu articol despre chestia asta cu cumparat subs/voturi de la polonezi. O alta perspectiva:

Inainte de toate, nici eu nu sunt de acord cu cumpararea de VOTURI ( ma refer DOAR la voturi). Nu castigi nicio medalie pentru

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