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Jour 3,165

Aircraft Military Ranks and the New Battle Console

Dear Citizens,

We are excited to present the newest Aircraft Ranks, hoping that you will enjoy them as much as we do! The new Ranks come with shiny new Decorations for your Citizens’ profiles giving you the much deserved bragging rights about your aviator skills.

Starting with Day 3,165 the first Citizen to reach a new Rank (in either Worldwide or National rankings) will receive a golden Decoration.
Please note that only the very first Rank of its kind will count (ex.: the “Squadron Leader” Rank will be awarded decorations, the “Squadron Leader **” will not).

If you want to know precisely what you’re fighting for, this could be of help.

We are also extending the battle page console with the War History tab and a new, reworked and more responsive Battle Ranks (statistics) tab. This last tab is being released as beta and you might experience inconsistencies or slowdowns. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. The old Battle stats should be used as reference for the time being.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to let us know!
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Jour 3,164

Aircraft Battles Announcement

Dear Citizens,

We are pleased to announce that Campaigns starting on day 3,165 (after 00:00 eRepublik time), will include the new Aerial Battles. Please remember that Aircraft Battles are part of the regular Campaign and that every fourth Battle in a Campaign will be an Aircraft Battle. Stock up on Q1 Air-to-Air Missiles and prove your Skills on the new Battlefield!

The special Decorations will be available for the first Citizens that manage to achieve the new Military Ranks, both worldwide and national.

Get ready to add the new Sky Hero Medals to your collection and write history right on your profile!

Please note that the developing skill facilities for the Aircraft module will not be available for the time being and a value of 0 for the skill will be used in the damage formula.

For more information regarding the Aircraft Battles or if you wish to share feedback, please visit the Forum
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Jour 3,160

New Industry and Aircraft Battles

Dear Citizens,

The eWorld is evolving. A new era begins, in which every man counts when standing up against enemies and where even the most inexperienced soldier can fight in meaningful wars. Roger that, eRepublik community?

We are adding a whole new dimension that will impact greatly the Military Module and not only. Are you ready to take off from the Battlefield and move the fight up in the air? Show that you have what it takes to be an elite fighter. And don’t forget your wingmen, because one cannot do miracles alone.

Going from Airman to Aviation Legend is not an easy task but we will guide you all the way up!

New Industry

The new Resources gained in the Resource Wars (Neodymium, Magnesium, Cobalt, Titanium and Wolfram) will serve as raw materials for the much awaited Aircraft Weapons Factories. As a first step, the Q1 Aircraft Weapons Factory is now available. Please note that, similar to the Housing Industry, Work as Manager will not be available in the Air Force-related Companies.

A New Military Branch

Next week’s mayhem will be unleashed on the eRepublik skies, as all of you will be able to fight in the new Aerial Battles.

Following closely and prioritizing the community's feedback have been our main concerns. In order to get a hang of what you need to do in order to grow into an Aviation Legend as well as to catch the drift of the Aircraft Weapons Industry, please visit our Forum.

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Jour 3,146

Region Pollution (updated)

Dear Citizens,

We hope you enjoyed exploring the Economy changes and have started working on your new business strategy.

Pollution factors are now displayed on the page of each Region. The Pollution displayed is based on yesterday’s production numbers but is not affecting productivity today (Day 3,146).

Starting tomorrow (Day 3,147) the Pollution values will be used in the productivity formula. Please consider that only one third of the factories were assigned yesterday so the numbers could vary significantly over the next days.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Update: We have corrected a bug causing the pollution factors to be displayed for the wrong qualities for a number of regions (Example: Southern Serbia).

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Jour 3,142

Manticore Weekly Challenge

Dear Citizens,

Soon, the new resources will be in place and whether your Country got what it fought for or not, you still have chances to get your hands on what would really boost your production. In order to conquer, your soldier needs to be equipped accordingly. During the following days you will be able to fight and obtain a versatile weapon that will change your military experience. All you have to do is reach 40.000 Prestige Points between Day 3,143 and Day 3,149.

We proudly present to you the Manticore!


The Manticore is not a mere tank - it will unlock Objectives on the Battlefield and give you the ability to change your Division, once you have destroyed them.

When fighting with the Manticore you will be able to unlock divisions as you destroy objectives. Once an objective is destroyed unlocking a division will require a currency fee, except for the first division unlock of the day which is free. The unlock fees are:

Switch to Division 1 = 500 Currency
Switch to Division 2 = 750 Currency
Switch to Division 3 = 1000 Currency
Switch to Division 4 = 1250 Currency

IE: Each day, after destroying the first objective (while fighting with the Manticore) you will be able to unlock the division of your choice in the battle. After that, for the rest of the day, for each objective you destroy you will be able to unlock a division in any battle by paying the division fee.
In order to avoid any confusions, please note that:

Switching works as described previously here: Latest Update.
Division switches are reset with every Round;
Every day you will be able to make one switch for free if it is your first Division switch of the day and only if you have the Manticore on;

The possibility of switching Divisions while having the Manticore will last for 30 days from the moment the event starts. This means that if you manage to get the Manticore in the last day of the Weekly Challenge (Day 3,149), you will only have 23 days left to experience the eLife in other Divisions.

In another train of thoughts, the last update has generated some confusion among the eRepublik community. The article of Azure Falcon, in particular, has caught Plato’s attention.

A number of allegations have been made in the article, mainly about rules being changed in order to provide an unfair advantage to the eRomanian community. We are aware that the "adminlandia" topic is part of the erepublik DNA and the rivalry between eHungary and eRomania is one of the factors that influenced many of the happenings in the eRepublik history, but considering the commotion this article has caused, we would like to bring some clarifications.

For more details, comments and feedback on this please check: Forum
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Jour 3,140

Upcoming Economy Changes

Dear Citizens,

We know that for the past weeks, since the end of the Resource Wars, you have been waiting on the promised Economy changes. We are happy to announce that your wait is now over, as they are finally here!

Starting Day 3,145, the resources distribution resulted from last month’s Resource Wars Event will be launched. With it there comes a change in the location of the Companies, meaning that they will no longer longer “travel” with the citizenship of the owner. For this purpose we are introducing the new Holding Companies.

For more about assigning factories to Holding Companies, the impact of wars and trading embargoes on Work as Manager, as well as Productivity Bonuses, please visit the eRepublik Forum.

Let us know if you wish to share your feedback!
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Jour 3,118

Resource Wars - Epilogue

Dear Citizens,

The Resource Wars event is coming to a spectacular end! We hope that you enjoyed it and managed to earn the desired resources. However, note that even though officially, Day 3,121 is the last day of the Resource Wars, the new resources will not populate the map yet.

The current resources together with the current economy will remain in place for the time being. The post Resource Wars updates will be launched step by step, as one change triggers another.

Many of you speculated about what the new resources are for, and some of you were spot on: airplanes are coming to eRepublik! We are excited to announce the dawn of a new era of warcraft in the New World! Be prepared to take your Epic Battles to the sky: assemble your air fleet and take your enemies by surprise!

Air Force Battlefield

Aviation will add a whole new dimension to the New World, allowing both new and old Citizens a chance to shine. New strategy in Battles, new Companies to feed the war machine, new skills and ranks will bring turmoil and fun for both veterans and newcomers.

In the following weeks we will rollout a series of changes and gradually introduce the Air Force and the changes to the Economy Module related to the New Industry. We are aiming to release a significant part of it by the end of the month.

Each major update will be announced before its implementation and more details about how the Air Force will reshape the future of the eWorld will come along with the future announcements.

Let us know if you wish to share your feedback!

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Jour 3,094

Division Switch - Update

Dear Citizens,

Based on the feedback received so far regarding the usage of Bombs, we have decided to entirely disable using them in foreign Divisions.

From now on, you will not be able to use Small Bombs/Rockets when fighting in a Division other than your default one.

The only exception is the Big Bombs, since they are equal in all Divisions.

If you wish to share more feedback, let us know!
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Division Switch

Dear Citizens,

Starting today, until the end of the Resource Wars Event you will be able to experience fighting in other Divisions.
You can switch Division by completing individual Objectives that are scaled based on your health pool. Objectives will be available for completion only by fighting in your default Division.


If you are in Division 4 and you manage to complete the Objective you find in a Round, you will unlock a Division of your choice.

Once unlocked, you can switch back and forth between the unlocked Divisions and your original Division for the remaining of that Round, in that specific Battle, on that side (just like the Ghost Booster).

In the unlocked Divisions, the capped max hit replaces the regular hit (hit based on strength, weapon and rank) if the latter is higher. The max hit is the highest hit done in that round by a player that naturally belongs to that Division. However, if the max hit is lower than 10,000 then 10,000 would be the damage/hit taken into consideration. All bonuses (Elite Citizen/Legendary Rank/Damage Booster etc.) are added to the capped max hit as they are added to the regular hit.


If your default Division is Division 2 and you unlock Division 1, in which the max hit is 5,000, your damage/hit will be 10,000 + bonuses.
If your default Division is Division 2 and you unlock Division 1, in which the max hit is 15,000, your damage/hit will be 15,000 + bonuses.

The Bombs/Rockets will deal the same damage as in your default Division.

If you wish to share feedback, let us know!

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Jour 3,089

Resource Wars Update

Dear Citizens,

Below you can find more details about the Resource Wars Event:

Claiming Resources

Desired Resources can be allocated on the Resource Wars tab of the Country page. Only the ruler of the Country can set the allocations, but everybody is able to see the current allocation. The allocation can be changed at any moment.

Resource Tokens

A token is won each time a Country does 30000 Domination Points during the event. Resource tokens give a Country the right to get a resource from the ones available in the Resource Pool. This is done based on the allocation in place at the moment the token is awarded. If no resources in the pool match the allocation (unwanted resources in pool or resources cannot be placed due to rare and very rare radiuses) the token is lost. Tokens cannot be donated.

A Leaderboard showing the Domination Points needed for the next token is available during the event.
Domination points Leaderboards update on a real time basis.
The Domination Points Leaderboards will be reset at the beginning of the event and will remain active for the entire duration of the event. Points are not reset at Day Change.

Resource Pool

The Resource Pool status is visible in the event Popup Tab. Resources are added to the pool on regular basis with intervals varying between 1 and several hours. You will be able to see what resources are added to the Pool over the next 12 hours.
All resources present in the resource pool at the end of the event will remain unplaced and will be removed from eRepublik.

Company Placement

You will be able to place your Companies in one or more Regions of your choice, after the event ends. Once a Company is established in a Region, the Company can be relocated for a cost (relocation is subject to constraints that will be announced later on).

Country Productivity

The Country productivity will be calculated using the current formula, as the sum of resources bonuses for each industry. If the region is not linked to the Country capital, half of its resources productivity bonuses will be used in the formula. If the Country has 2 or more Resources of the same type, only one will be used in the formula.

Company Productivity

The productivity of a Company will be computed as the sum of Country productivity bonus and a percentage of the productivity bonus of the Region where the Company is located. Regions will be affected by a pollution factor that is based on the number of “works” done in the Region in the previous day. Basic formula : productivity_bonus = country_productivity_bonus + % of region_productivity_bonus - pollution

Working as Manager

You will be able to work as manager in a Company only if you are located in the Region where the Company is established.
If the Company is in a Region (historical or under occupation) of a country that has an open War with your Citizenship Country, your productivity as manager will drop.
The Work Tax percentage for WAM (Work as Manager) will be the one of the Country where the Company is located. The tax income will be split unevenly between the Country where the Company is located and the the Country of Citizenship of the manager.

Working as Employee

You will be able to hire employees on the job market of each Country where you have Companies established.
You will be able to assign “works” between your Companies no matter where the work was acquired or the company is located. This is subject to change in the future.
The productivity of an employee whose citizenship country has an open war with the country of citizenship of the owner of the company will be affected, and the salary received will be based on that productivity.

Switch Division

You will be able to switch Division by completing individual objectives that are scaled based on your Strength. Objectives will only be available for completion only by fighting in your default Division.
The objectives will be available next week.

For more details and a Questions&Answers thread you can visit the Forum If you wish to share your feedback please let us know.

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