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Cred ca a sosit timpul

18 1,028 jour, 10:03 Published in Romania Romania

Cred ca a sosit timpul sa spun ca viteza cu care murim este direct proportionala cu incompetenta unora.
Cred ca a sosit timpul sa vad ceva mai multi pixeli galbeni. "VREAU HARTA GALBENA"
Cred ca a sosit timpul sa mai vad ceva "Balls of steel".
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4 1,027 jour, 10:16 Published in Romania Romania

Recunosc. Am lipsit vreo luna din peisaj. Click-urile mi le-am dat de la servici, treaba multa, nu am putut urmari mai nimic. Acasa renovare, imi mai scot inca varul din partile dorsale, pe chat nu am putut intra de pe laptop ca wirelessul mi-a fost

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ziua 1000

7 1,000 jour, 00:36 Published in Romania Romania

citez din Insider

III. Day 1000

To end this insider in a joyful manner, we want to remind you that Day 1000 is approaching and this calls for a celebration.

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Stie cineva din conducere ce se vrea cu eRO??

8 998 jour, 08:50 Published in Romania Romania

stie cineva ce se doreste de la noi?
stie cineva unde dracu se lupta, daca se mai lupta si cine masa isi va asuma toate astea?
Eu unul imi bag picioarele.

pentru trolii unguri sp.

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22 996 jour, 11:07 Published in Hungary Hungary

First, i would like to congratulate you for your win today.

ONLY ONE question i have.
When do you will press the button??
You have more players, proper obtained gold, better knowledge of the game, better leaders.

Why are you afraid ?

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