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[Thomas] Day 1872, foreign affairs

Día 1,872, 08:42 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por Thomas765

Hello there!

With 2013 off to a start, wars in several areas of the world have erupted. Overall, however, it's been a relatively quiet start to the year, especially in Europe.

So, what has happened recently then?

- Chile signs a non-aggression treaty with Australia
- Serbia and Hungary declare war on Turkey
- Romania breaks the non-aggression pact with Hungary
- India faces an invasion from Croatia, forcing India to sign MPPs with CoT nations.
- Country presidential election build up

Chile and Australia

Australia and Chile have signed an agreement to allow Australia to have some regions. It is basically a Non-Aggression Pact that has added parts to it.

The treaty disallows Australia from signing a Mutual Protection Pact/Alliance with Argentina and has been signed in order to prevent further war between Australia and Chile. This allows Chile to focus on Argentina without having any further problems with Australia. Northern Territory is to be maintained as an Australian region and, as per the treaty, Western Australia has been returned to Australia. New South Wales will be returned to Australia at a later date.

The most peculiar feature of the agreement is the addition of the following clause:

2. Australia will move towards a Pro-CoT MPP stack or full CoT membership with increased CoT allies and MPPs

Diplomacy has won in this instance and Australia have agreed to move away from EDEN and towards the Circle of Trust, potentially aligning herself to countries she has never been involved with before. The treaty has been worded as to benefit both countries involved, with Australia being guaranteed regions, no war and now defence and with Chile being guaranteed no war, regions and a new ally.

The effects of this treaty have been felt in the UK as well, as former Australians have come out in support of a new Mutual Protection Pact between them and the UK. The proposal by Lancer450 can be found here.

Two-front assault on Turkey; Romania gets involved

It has been many months coming but a full out invasion has begun on Turkey, with Serbia attacking from the south and Hungary attacking from the north. Bulgaria is joining in from the West. With Greece also occupied with Bulgaria, it isn't hard to see how this isn't much favourable for EDEN on the European front, while events in Asia are setting them back.

Hungary was able to conquer Black Sea Coast of Turkey off of Turkey but Romanian interference, which involved breaking up a several month long NAP between the two nations, has meant that Romania is now involved in the war and have such attacked Black Sea Coast of Turkey as soon as Hungary conquered it. Meanwhile, in Arabia, Serbia have attacked and are looking to conquer Ha`il from Turkey, meaning they have been reduced to only their original regions. Now, tomorrow, this means that Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia will be able to attack any of Turkey's original regions, should Hungary win against Romania in the Black Sea Coast. For many, Romania and Turkey were considered the last stands for EDEN power in Europe, with many other European EDEN nations being wiped off the map, such as Bosnia and Portugal, or having defected, such as Belarus and Ireland.

Indian sub-continent further descends into war

It has been a controversial and confusing several days for India. The war with Indonesia for them has been finished. Croatia, being displeased over India leaving the Garden of EDEN alliance and a variety of other disputes, had decided to declare war on India.

There are many sides to this story. But the clear outcome of this is India's move from a pro-EDEN nation to a pro-Circle of Trust nation. The actions of Croatia are likely to be irreversable in this instance, with India having been completely isolated by one of EDEN's most powerful and influencial nations.

The Indian government's side of the story is that they believe to have been backstabbed by Croatia, citing the following:

1. India rented 5 bonus regions to Croatia for just 200 golds
2. Croatia tried to sell Indian regions to Thailand
3. Croatia refused to give us Karnataka back
4. India left EDEN and went neutral but was still allied with EDEN countries and fighting for Croatia
5. Croatia refused to pay rent
6. Croatia again negotiates with Thailand
7. Croatian MoD puts a NE law on India
8. Croatia called our MoFA cabinet into a room called #jebeskrave (fuckcows)
9. Croatia issues ultimatum that they will wipe out our regions without congress
10. Crotian CP accuses India as traitor

I think the decisive points for them in this was Croatia's decision to declare war on India and the talks between the two nations taking place on #jebeskrave, which means "fuck cows" - cows being an important symbol within India. The government believes that the failure of diplomacy on Croatia's part and the consequent, indirect trolling were the reasons for their defection. Consequently, the government of India has began to sign MPPs with a variety of CoT and TWO nations, such as Poland and Bulgaria.

A loyal citizen of India has stated his displeasure over the incident and over the government, stating that the government were simply looking for a reason to go to the Circle of Trust and that the referendum on leaving GEA was a shambles.

The Croatian government released a statement over the issue, apologising for things that have been said but failed to comment too much about the situation itself or refute any points made by the Indian government, which would probably indicate to the Indian government that it was deliberate.

All in all, it will be chaotic few days for India. Ultimately, it is believed that India doesn't stand much of a chance but while they are signing MPPs with their former enemies, this could also be Croatia's last stand in Asia, should their new "allies" begin fighting for them heavily.

Presidential elections

Every month we see some new candidates go up on the stand and some old ones returning. Several nations are in a sticky situation with regards to the CP elections but other nations are seeing old names return to the ballot.

Croatia: dSoKre, a prominent Croatian citizen and former president, has decided to become a candidate in this month's presidential elections. His newspaper, eWorld Trade Centar is among the world's most famous and most subscribed.

Germany: dermont has decided to run for country president there, having been a former everything in the Terra alliance and a former German CP himself. In his third edition of "Don't be a derp, Vote derpmont!", he wishes to strengthen talks between them and the Circle of Trust and Asgard.

Ireland: Brian Boru is running for CP in Ireland after nearly two years spent away from the game. He returned relatively recently and will very likely be replacing The Psych0 as president. He has declared that he will end the current training war with the United Kingdom and will instead focus on helping allies in this difficult time for them.

Spain: KueRVo is seeking re-election in Spain this month, after having the ability to get Spain into the Pacific region. His military victories this month as CP should grant him extra votes.

USA: Fingerguns is finally running for CP. She was elected as the country's "unity candidate", which sees the main parties of the country stand together to fight off Ronald Gripper Reagan (RGR; Ajay Bruno) and a huge swath of PTOers. The unity election was overshadowed on the 3rd by John Jay's failure to remove himself from the ballot, perhaps risking the nation's downfall to PTO forces. However, his name has since been removed.

Nations this week

Best at diplomacy: 1. Chile
- The reason I assigned this to Chile is simply because of their willingness to sign an agreement with Australia. Whether this be for personal gain or not, it guarantees a small nation some regions to continue their sovreignity.
Worst at diplomacy: 1. Croatia
- The reason I assigned this to Croatia is their backwards attitude in dealing with the crisis in India, including their insults on real life Indian symbols.

Number of nations wiped off the map: 12 (Bolivia, Bosnia (EDEN), Colombia (EDEN), Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Israel (EDEN), Montenegro, Netherlands (EDEN), Portugal (EDEN), Ukraine (EDEN) and United Arab Emirates)

So, uh, yeah. Thank you for reading 🙂



asecondchance Día 1,872, 08:50

good info! voted!

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Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Día 1,872, 09:09

Insightful as ever Thomas

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From eChile : It is a nice article

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Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Día 1,872, 10:25

Great article!
voted and subbed

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Puppie Master Día 1,872, 12:00

Good Read, Voted

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awesome work thomas

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Nataliia from Galicia Día 1,872, 13:33

excellent work ^^

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Voted! Great work as per usual! : )

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brilliant article, as always o/

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Día 1,872, 17:43

Hungary beat off the Romanians in a close fought battle. o7

Lonqu Día 1,872, 18:21

Good article. eIndia part is pretty much unerringly accurate.

Damhnaic Día 1,872, 20:06

Good article! Very instructional 🙂

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Great article o7

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