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Triple victory in 2 months

2 Day 2,572, 13:01 Published in Albania Albania Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

As you may heard or seen these last 2 months Serbia and serbs got totally humulitated by the Authoctonous of Balkan, Albans.

The first one, the most popular the famous drone attack of 14 October during the football match Serbia - Albania in
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Lidhur me SIRIUS

56 Day 2,305, 08:30 Published in Albania Albania Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Artikull nga Endrit Zeka pasi me kerkoi ta postoja ne Shqiperi per lojtaret e eShqiperise.

Pershendetje motra dhe vellezer,qytetar te ndershem te eShqiperise!

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