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Pizza Radio commentary-rough draft

6 Day 883, 01:05 Published in USA USA

Pizza Radio: A subjective review

This weeks show lasted about an hour an a half, 30 minutes less than last week, and no Krems tonight. Pizza was distracted frequently, often reading streaming web commentary as the read more »

We're playing to win, eRepublik. S.E.E.S. has just given you notice.

6 Day 878, 19:51 Published in USA USA

Way late into this conversation. And for the record, S.E.E.S.

Instead of taking the AAP last night, we could have recruited to the top in a month or so. And all but 200 would then be dead in another month or so. And we'd be exactly where we are.

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2 Day 864, 20:06 Published in USA USA

ALL S.E.E.S. Members:

If you haven't received a PM from me in the past hour with the emergency orders, please PM me immidiately.

Please provide your bloc leaders name for verification of your security clearance and I will forward the emergency

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We have left EDEN. I explain my S.E.E.S. Congressional vote. -NO-

2 Day 863, 14:19 Published in USA USA

Since the vote has become public now, I am free to tell you my thoughts on the issue of departing ways with EDEN.

I voted against withdrawal, at this exact time.

First, let me say that I believe that in things regarding the military, the

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You matter! Vote here to delay any EDEN decision until the people have spoken!

7 Day 861, 15:51 Published in USA USA

If such a choice were to be made, I would agree that it should be made by the people. We have an election coming up. Let’s have the candidates declare themselves on the issue, and the people may vote for the candidate that supports their opinion.

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