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The VP Pick: Chocolate McSkittles Interview

13 Day 894, 17:15 Published in USA USA

I won't bore you with a bunch of introduction crap, rather I will just let the interview stand on it's own. I give you Chocolate McSkittles.

Good to talk to you Choc. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Thanks for thinking

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Everything Alright?/Esta Todo Bien?

7 Day 866, 17:18 Published in Mexico Mexico

Just wanted to say that I hope everyone that is really leaving in Mexico is ok after the 7.2 earthquake. I live near LA in California and I felt it quite good here. Just write in the comments and let me know whats going on. Again, hope everyone is

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Dear Russia

48 Day 860, 01:20 Published in Russia Russia

I just wanted to say that I'm terribly sorry to hear about the tragedy in the subway in Moscow. From what I understand, 35 people were killed and several more injured because of 2 suicide bombers detonating during the morning rush hour in two

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Do You Need A Change?

1 Day 841, 20:01 Published in USA USA

The days just come and go: fight(maybe), work, train...fight, work, train. Are you an older/experienced player and are just tired of the monotony? Does erep have you feeling down and out? Does the way this guy look describe how you may feel about

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Coming Soon To A RW Near You...

3 Day 839, 16:21 Published in USA USA



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