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im not going to publish any news..but

In my view..

9 Day 1,243, 20:19 Published in Malaysia Malaysia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Happy sunday morning o/
im not going to spent my whole sunday in front of my pc, so lets do it quickly

1. i was unable to online for more than 24hrs during election day and quite surprised about what happened in eMalaysia. there is a serious

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New War Modul: How to Deal with it

11 Day 1,231, 19:01 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

EDIT: Today is the election day!!! Please cast your vote to our only candidate SatoshiTomiie (click here). You will get free exp point when you vote. Dont missed it! 😛

Saya pasti

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[GEKKO] Dunia Dalam Konflik

9 Day 1,123, 08:45 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Peperangan yang tercetus dibeberapa bahagian dunia yang melibatkan pihak bersekutu dan berikat (EDN vs PHX) terus rancak dan bertambah sengit. Konflik antara musuh tradisi seperti Romania-Hungary, Croatia-Serbia, Sepanyol-Perancis, Greece-Turki, dsb

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24 Day 1,116, 11:06 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Hello People of Malaysia / o7 Brave Soldiers of Malaysia

My name is Simon Santo and i am the Founder and Commander of the First Battalion of the " FOREIGN LEGION -GREEN BERETS " and i come in front of you as a friend and as a … read more »


11 Day 1,109, 08:45 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Greetings to everyone o/

Recommended music background while reading this article: Roots n' Boots Malaysian Oi!
Special thank goes to Noveras for his [url=http://www.erepublik.

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