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eThailand should write a constitution

5 Day 983, 17:32 Published in Thailand Thailand

eThailand Should write a Constitution, Basic laws for all of eThailand to follow...

Laws Like

-Right to say anything

-Right to run for President

-and many others

I will volunteer to write this and im sure many orthers will, This

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The fellas at the fricking Indo PTO!

2 Day 980, 04:17 Published in Thailand Thailand

Indos, Take a tip... Take a lesson, You will never win by messing with a country thru the use of Multis.

Multis, Your cage is very small... Like a tiny silver ball... The world is watching what you do, Your infamous history will live on forever,

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James Rellori Presidential Bid - Global Alliances

0 Day 972, 04:20 Published in Thailand Thailand

Vote James Rellori In the Primary's!


A big issue this election, Which i feel i need to address you, The citizens of eThailand about, As the other candidates

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James Rellori Presidential Election - Internal Relations

7 Day 969, 06:06 Published in Thailand Thailand

eThailand, During the Ciman administration has been broken up into arguments, Mainly about impeaching our AFK president.

If you elect me, I will bring eThailand back to the … read more »

My Presidential Bid

8 Day 969, 01:06 Published in Thailand Thailand

This is my Presidental Bid for 2010...



I, James … read more »