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Luthfisnet has cheated...

9 Day 1,020, 05:08 Published in Thailand Thailand

Luthfisnet has cheated...

Nobody in Thailand except PTOers have ever got 6 to 30 votes in about 15 minuites...

Sadly My screenshot key will not work....


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Vote Luis this election! (More art inside!)

4 Day 1,018, 06:38 Published in Thailand Thailand

Who does Okanius follow?

Whos avatar is that on her armband?


Yes, Okanius follows Luthfisnet... Not surprising really, Just look at Okanius future plans

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The Heated Presidential Race

9 Day 1,016, 04:51 Published in Thailand Thailand

It seems to be currently between two candidates, With none of the other party's announcing a running.

Will it be Luis?


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The eThailand Constitution

11 Day 1,012, 03:57 Published in Thailand Thailand

The Official REAL Thailand government has made a Constitution... We are still collecting the votes from every Congressman about it. But, Heres some of the Constitution that is official...

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We must Impeach our President!

12 Day 1,011, 16:59 Published in Thailand Thailand

What has our Corrupt President done?

-Trading embargoes on our biggest traders, Slowing down supply's.

-Calling people who try to be Impeached "Traitors and Metal Hunters", There not Traitors, There simply do not like what your doing, Barely

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