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There is a New Kid on the Block America!

14 Day 859, 11:18 Published in USA USA

There is a new kid on the block among the U.S.A. political

parties. A new dynamic party with a core of active, dedicated,

and seasoned players. It is lead by Emerick, one of the most

highly respected, active players in the Erepublik

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Vote for loftedraptor in Illinois!

14 Day 854, 21:58 Published in USA USA

Vote for loftedraptor in Illinois!

If I am elected to Congress I will look after the United States best interests always. The U.S. needs a large Military to protect it from folks who do not respect our sovereignty and right to self determination.

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Help me gain U.S. Citizenship - I am a good guy!

7 Day 851, 23:33 Published in USA USA

My citizenship request

I wish to serve the USA to the best of my ability and be a good citizen. I am a warrior who is a Field Marshal with 27+ strength. I have never fought directly against the US or tried to attack it in … read more »

Final segment of voting record end of term 3

7 Day 768, 07:43 Published in Ukraine Ukraine

I have served Three terms in Ukraine, Diligently and I think I voted every vote. I wish to take some time to perhaps travel Erep and train up my strength, and perhaps sow a few "Wild Oats." Thank you Ukraine for allowing me to serve.

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Please Re-Elect loftedraptor for a Third Term!

8 Day 731, 06:47 Published in Ukraine Ukraine

Yes I know the other day I shouted that I was not going to run again, however after thinking things over, I might be letting my friends down by not running, besides that, I have no real reason not to continue to serve the Ukraine. Perhaps I was a

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