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There is a New Kid on the Block America!

Day 859, 11:18 Published in USA Ireland by loftedraptor

There is a new kid on the block among the U.S.A. political

parties. A new dynamic party with a core of active, dedicated,

and seasoned players. It is lead by Emerick, one of the most

highly respected, active players in the Erepublik World.

Never forget the USA was all but wiped out. The man who turned

this all around was Emerick. Emerick is loved by all of America

and is considered a hero. He has recently returned to the game

and decided to run a new party, called the S.E.E.S. party.

The growth of the S.E.E.S. party is incredible. In a couple of

weeks S.E.E.S. has gone from nothing to 6th ranked and expected

to be in the top 5 within a week or so. We already have 10

elected Congressmen!

Why are we superior to other parties?
---- Our incredibly fast growth is due to our our authoritarian

regime with its high level of organization, our highly active

motivated party workers who put in long hours to get things done

that must be done to be successful.

Join us and help get the U.S.A. Red Hot and Rolling and have

some fun too!

Best wishes,




ben11119 Day 859, 11:47

anti vote

loftedraptor Day 859, 11:56

Bastards Of Liberty?? I guess to each his own. Good luck Ben, enjoy being Party President.

Gerald McHarris
Gerald McHarris Day 859, 12:13

Stop the madness!
The party sounds like a dictatership.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 859, 12:17

str_replace("\r\n","&quot 😉;

Red and Hot sounds good.

Emerick Day 859, 12:39

It is, Fitz

Justin McCravok
Justin McCravok Day 859, 12:55

no sub/vote

loftedraptor Day 859, 13:01

@ Fitzjerald Irdema The party sounds like a "dictatership."

You are exactly right, Our party structure is highly organized, Our incredibly fast growth is due to our authoritarian regime which is why we are superior to other parties. Have you ever seen a successful organization that wasn't well managed? It is fun being part of a well run Machine. This is why our activity levels among our members is so high, we party all the time in the Party.
It is a blast -- why don't you join us and give us a try?

Collin Roche
Collin Roche Day 859, 13:09

Voted. S.E.E.S. is eAmerica's only hope.

sukoidha Day 859, 15:17

This is comming from an ex military commander who stole money from the eUS military for his own benefits.

loftedraptor Day 859, 16:09

sukoidha you need to get your facts straight with Eugene Harlot. I made sure he supervised the return of everything I had in my possession, in fact I added some gold I had purchased from the Admins to compensate for any used for iron for the weapons company and the wages I paid to MI troops. I had to make sure everything was returned and I got credit for returning so I waited a day or so Harlot was available with all my friends yelling and screaming at me.

I got drunk and screwed up. I acted without orders and JCS approval on a hair brained scheme to supply weapons for the MI, a PTO to put real Ukrainians in control of their country, and to provide the US with a reliable source of Iron when we had none. I had been working with the Ukrainian Patriots for months, through several administrations. I got really drunk and panicked and issued some very stupid orders. If there had been a 10 second delay on the transmit button it would have never happened. I take full responsibility for what happened. I returned everything that was in my possession that belonged to the MI. I had no reason to steal anything as at that time I owned 10 companies, including the two I made available to the MI in the Ukraine.

Candor Day 859, 16:55

Voted. SEES is pure, unadulterated maddness. There's no organization, it's pure madness, led by sheer madness, endorsed by God himself. It's the picture of Armageddon.

So, join us as we sink together, all swimming in love.

Or some such thing.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump Day 859, 17:59

Ummmmmm......I think I'll stick with the Libertarians. Thnx for the invite though.

Maelyn Day 859, 19:39


PimpDollaz Day 860, 00:28

Good luck to you sir

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