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A Civic Duty: Major Update For ATOers

14 Day 985, 17:37 Published in USA USA

Tomorrow a momentous day will be upon us. The Primaries will open, and the eUSA will vote for it's President. For the first time ever we will be using a primary system to choose the … read more »

Karnataka and Alaska

20 Day 982, 19:01 Published in USA USA


Yesterday saw the successful return of Karnataka, and the end of an era in terms of active American involvement in India. … read more »

Operation Swift Fury

24 Day 980, 10:39 Published in USA USA

Operation Swift Fury is an incredible idea by former President and current Secretary of State, Harrison Richardson, to save Croatia's political independence by running a primary … read more »

Ireland, Croatia, and the Budget

23 Day 979, 17:17 Published in USA USA

As has been pointed out by a number of individuals I have not been the most active writer during my Presidency. This is a problem I have begun to rectify over the past few days, and something I intend to continue fixing.


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Let It Be

39 Day 978, 23:23 Published in USA USA

Recently there have been a lot of rumblings about problems in my cabinet, or with my military strategy, or with our allies. I’d like to respond to those rumblings, each in turn, and then talk about what’s next for us.

My Cabinet[/

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