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In Memory of What's Her Face

43 Day 1,036, 20:53 Published in USA USA

We all knew her, some better than others. Myself? I visited her everyday. Hung out for a while. I think we hit it off well.


So why did she … read more »

Dear NX and Syrup,

31 Day 1,016, 08:08 Published in USA USA

First off...really guys? I mean...really? I've been scratching my head for the past few days over this one. It boggles my mind. You two are both active players, and I consider both … read more »

Best Birthday Ever

22 Day 1,013, 20:27 Published in USA USA

Today I turned one year old in the game. From some stand points I'm still a young gun. From others, I'm an old fart. Regardless, I feel that it was a major milestone. I'm part … read more »

Hey Russia,

47 Day 1,005, 20:48 Published in Russia Russia

Sure is America in here.

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Poland CAN Into Asia

17 Day 988, 09:14 Published in USA USA

Asian Landbridge for Poland

The idea of swapping Poland into Asia has been around for several months, but a clear opportunity to do so has never before presented … read more »