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1ronman: Not the First time

11 Day 944, 18:31 Published in Canada Canada

Remember the time that I got blamed for stealing money from the CAF?

Yea, maybe now Leto and douche scorp will believe me.

I'm around.

oh and Plugson, Fram owes you all my shares of his company.

(consider it a Fan appreciation

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It doesn't work... but...

7 Day 915, 22:24 Published in South Africa South Africa

Hey there, I know this is totally ineffective in any regards of actually gathering votes unless I am a teenage girl but I'll write one anyways.

I am Gofarman,


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4 Day 897, 18:27 Published in Canada Canada


strange times in eCanada

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Official Running for President

15 Day 893, 22:58 Published in South Africa South Africa

Ever wanted a Third option?

Some one who has no chance of actually being elected but is there to show the winners that we wont settle for the best?

Well, I am humbly offering myself as this very third option.

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Not the Usual Presentation

5 Day 885, 16:18 Published in South Africa South Africa

I'll get shit done.

Don't believe me?

^Very Active, I am^

Economic Council
^Invite only, it is^

If that

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