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Singaporean Labour Party (Beginning of a new party?)

5 Day 1,056, 09:28 Published in Singapore Singapore

Hello people of Singapore and members of the New Green Party. You may remember the last time I tried to create my very own party. This party was The Singaporean Labour Party ( … read more »

Logamacs plans for the future.

7 Day 1,050, 10:17 Published in Singapore Singapore

Hello People of eSingapore. I say well done and good luck to Thedark Ace. I hope that he will be a great president and hopefully fix our economy.

What have I been planning?

Yes I am trying to create the eSingaporean labour party again. I will

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Logamac has twitter

6 Day 1,049, 13:29 Published in Singapore Singapore

Technology is shocking.

You can add me on twitter. Never knew computers were that strong

If you follow me you will get some early news on what i will do so go click this link and look at my random crap I put on it.

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Well done to the new congress.

3 Day 1,042, 03:56 Published in Singapore Singapore

I want to say well done to the new congress members (including me).

I hope we will be a strong congress that will stay loyal to our country eSingapore.

I am happy to say that all the safe candidates were elected.

I mean Arbryn, Thedark Ace,

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Logamac For Congress

6 Day 1,038, 09:08 Published in Singapore Singapore

I am Logamac and I am candidating from The New Green party.

eSingapore has went down hill lately. Thousands of bots were created and we lost about 300 citizens.

The wages are way too low.

But we can survive as a country. The strongest

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