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6 Day 1,022, 11:16 Published in Singapore Singapore

I told the president about this and he accepted.

This will be a thing on ever week on monday at 11:00 erepublik time.

This will be a place where you can ask the president questions.

So come along next week.

iRC Channel: #eSGQnA

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Why I vote TYJ

4 Day 1,019, 13:19 Published in Singapore Singapore

Because I like him just like a muffin:

Chewie well just watch him rave:

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Labour party. (new party song)

18 Day 1,014, 11:36 Published in Singapore Singapore

About the labour party:

This party wants to help the work force not to start an uprising. So please keep your annoying troll messages to yourself.

The party is a … read more »


5 Day 1,012, 04:16 Published in Singapore Singapore

And plus I hate cars.

Replying to this comment.

I am not a bot maker. Bot makers are sad fat people in a chair.

Stop making rumours about me.

Thats all.
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In Sinapore again

2 Day 1,010, 08:14 Published in Singapore Singapore

Hello I'm back again.


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