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Bring back Plato!!!

83 Day 976, 06:53 Published in Hungary Hungary

Bring back Plato!!!

As revealed in the new Insider, yet another virtual female join the ranks of the New World prominence, replacing the good ol’ Plato.

This change begs two

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We like stuff!

13 Day 899, 12:18 Published in Hungary Hungary

How about we take the synchronization of eRepublik and Facebook to the next level?

The possibilities are plenty.

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5 Day 891, 01:26 Published in Hungary Hungary Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Writing good articles is a challenge. Not everyone has the talent or skill to do it, yet everyone can buy his\her own newspaper for just 2 gold. Under these unfortunate circumstances, it’s good to have a list of things you should avoid. Here

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Merre vagyol magyar eMessiás?

10 Day 888, 08:21 Published in Hungary Hungary

Kedves elvtársaim! Bizonyára nem kerülte el figyelmeteket az a sajnálatos tény, hogy szeretett országunkra cudar idők köszöntöttek. Bizonyára sokan … read more »

The Hospital Glitch Cartoon

9 Day 831, 23:22 Published in Hungary Hungary

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