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Running for Congress

4 Day 1,004, 20:23 Published in USA USA

Greetings American Citizens and Soldiers alike,

I am running for Congress in Oklahoma

I have quite a bit of Congressional experience in

game. I've had countless presses of the Vote button. I've been an 11 time Congressman and 1 time

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Congressional Elections: Vote for me in Iowa

1 Day 975, 21:39 Published in USA USA

I am running again and this month, I have been selected to run in Iowa.

Previous Experience:

1 term eSingapore President
1 year Plus as eSingapore Minister of Defense
11 Congressional terms in eSingapore

Yes, Some of you may have

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Speaking for the Dead

12 Day 965, 12:27 Published in Singapore Singapore

Sense V2 launched, I have lost several GOOD friends. People I respected and people whom I would have counted on in this game to do just about anything. So here I am, taking up the role as Speaker for the Dead.


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Fearless CVP's needs dedicated Employees

5 Day 960, 10:37 Published in Singapore Singapore

Hello eSingapore,

Fearless CVP is in need of the following:
2x Technician
2x Mechanic
2x Fitter

I know V2 has just launched but we at FC CVP would like to continue production to help the eSingaporean economy.

Wages will be adjusted

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Presidential Military Platforms Explored (Covers all 3 Candidates)

6 Day 926, 19:26 Published in Singapore Singapore

Presidential Military Plans: A Quick Look at The Presidential Hopefuls Platforms:

Ice_Freeze's Plan:

The Current Military would be kept in its basic structure. Some Updates would be made, More emphasis would be placed on Recruiting and on

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