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Congressional Record and Re-Election bid

2 Day 1,159, 10:24 Published in USA USA : Yes : Yes : Yes : Yes : Yes
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Why I am voting for Haliman

7 Day 1,142, 23:31 Published in USA USA

Greetings potential readers,

First let me say I will NOT be buying votes for this so I do not expect it to go that high in the media. Its more to serve as why I believe YOU should vote for Haliman.

1. I believe Haliman represents the Next

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Running for Congress in Southeast of Mexico

0 Day 1,128, 12:11 Published in USA USA

If elected I plan to do the following Things:

1. Examine ALL the issue currently pending for Congressional Votes. I'll read each proposal and then give an opinion/vote when called on.

2. View and add opinion on any budget proposals. We need

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Relorian's Re-Election Endorsements.

1 Day 1,038, 23:25 Published in USA USA

My previous article had my voting record in it as well as my pitch for why I want to be re-elected.

I am currently endorsed by:



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Re-Elect Relorian in Oklahoma/ Voting Record. (Updated 9/24)

6 Day 1,037, 16:08 Published in USA USA

Greetings All,

I am running for Re-Election on the ADTP ticket. This term I have struggled, I wont lie. With the starting of College and with seeing how much of the eUS congressional experience is posturing for only your political party/their

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