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This is my newspaper for things 😃


4 Day 417, 03:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Anyone who's in Y&H forums will know that i'm going to run for congress so i thought i'd announce it in-game. I'm both taking it seriously and doing it for a laugh. I will probably have many similar views with indiekid and patrick but i'm not

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Problems with new features (vote up each person with prob)

0 Day 396, 03:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Is it me or am I the only one where on the new features bit it says that all of it is locked. Please respond and is this only a problem for people created after the update occured. Repile so we can sort this out.

Count Drakula

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Christmas is here and its all lies!!!

8 Day 394, 07:43 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

As your reading this firstly i'd like to say this is all true there are no lies contained.

Christmas is lots of lies but worth it. I mean who hates presents. Chirtmas is jesus birthday.
False. Christians stole a roman day for worshiping

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Testing article is testing

3 Day 391, 07:59 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Good afternoon/evening/morning everyone,

Right, last update of the “month” is today so there’ll be a weekly update part and a monthly update. Again, these will be short reports and anyone is able to see … read more »