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Count Drakula in Yorkshire

14 Day 487, 08:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom


Seems like a while since I last wrote my manifesto. Times have changed but my views on helping people haven't. I want people to be helped but due to the congressional funds being cut the YCC was unable to run. I hope that however you'll

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PP elections Results

3 Day 482, 08:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Statistics of the 6 largest parties and TUKRP:

1 Funky44 66
2 certacito 9
3 jjmartain 8
4 FarciTibo 0
5 onyeka enemuoh 0
Total votes:83

1 Bob Boblo 73
Total votes:73

1 Iain Keers 60

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Count Drakula in Y&H

9 Day 455, 09:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Citizens of Yorkshire and Humberside,

With the recent announcement of Indiekid leaving to India there will be a new congressman. I hope that you will pick me. Some of my policies include:

Including and promoting you on the forums and in game:

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Petition for Congress

4 Day 433, 08:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom


We've all put up with bugs in our time and I personally don't mind them. But this isn't about defacing the good admins.

This is a petition for me and treehugsfriends to be allowed for congress. We are missing out on 2 seats because

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Yorkshire and humberside Congress Candidate

21 Day 424, 07:48 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hello to all the Yorkshire and Humberside citizens.

I am going for congress next term. This is my second manifesto so some of the comments won't make sense.

My polices include:

State Company:

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