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The oldest newspaper in the DPRK! It is mainly concentrated on political issues, social themes and the history of North Korea.

NKDP candidates

3 Day 856, 09:40 Published in North Korea North Korea

This month our party decided to run for congress with only 2 candidates.Everybody knows that we are the smallest party in eNK and the fewer candidates we have,the more chance to enter the Congress we have.The two candidates are Neji Hyuga and

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27 Day 855, 09:48 Published in North Korea North Korea

Russia betray us once again.They think that we are a weak nation and we are their vassals,let`s prove them wrong! I demand an alliance with Brasil or Croatia, they are ftom EDEN but I think they can defend us from Russia. 100 gold we can afford but

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The battle of the Rhone-Alps

4 Day 854, 08:19 Published in North Korea North Korea

Hello,dear citizens
Today is one of the biggest battles in eHistory-the battle of the Rhone-Alps.France and Germany`s full liberation depends on this battle.Many countries are taking part in it-Bulgaria,Russia,UK,Serbia,Hungary,Slo venia,Poland,

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History of Russia(part 1)

4 Day 853, 09:09 Published in North Korea North Korea

The beginnings of Russia are only known by a select few people in all of eRepublik. Many of the original leaders and shapers of this groundbreaking country have since left, become inactive, or disappeared in other affairs. To recollect the

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Introducing Romania

2 Day 851, 13:49 Published in North Korea North Korea

Romania (Romanian: România, Ukrainian: Румунія, Magyar: Románia, Russian: Румыния Latviešu: Rumānija) is a country located in South-East Central Europe, North of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch,

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