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[Viva la revolución] Out with our "dear" dictator

2 Day 3,039, 01:10 Published in Denmark Denmark Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Allies, it is time to round up our might and overthrow the lazy
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[After the elections] My thanks, my thoughts and whats to come.

11 Day 2,543, 08:09 Published in Denmark Denmark First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

People of eDenmark!

I must admit that I was not completely prepared to win the Presidential elections - yet. Because I appreciate honesty, I also admit that in my … read more »

Hey Cuba

15 Day 2,533, 08:32 Published in Denmark Denmark Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

TP was delicious

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[Round up of CP elections] Blackbeard vs Raven

9 Day 2,388, 02:07 Published in Denmark Denmark Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear Danish brothers and sisters, welcome to my humble newspaper. This is my first article, while being a Dane and today I wish to report to you about the incoming elections, in form off an interview between the Candidates.

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[Hippien maailmanvalloitushaaveet] Oulun Eliitti

5 Day 2,304, 09:06 Published in Finland Finland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Sain tänään kuulla että eSuomen hippitoimisto oli pyrkinyt puheilleni, jo viikkoja kestä … read more »