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Welcome to my random musings about this game and discussions of eJapanese issues.

The Villain, Our Enemy

8 Day 1,075, 13:46 Published in Japan Japan

These days, eJapan is a mostly quiet community. From time to time we do not even have five articles to fill the Top 5 Media on the erepublik first page. During these times, those of us with newspapers must work to point fingers, produce propaganda,

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Voting in our Coming Party Elections

7 Day 1,058, 18:58 Published in Japan Japan

Party president elections are around the corner and I do not see much commotion about it in our media. It seems most our parties have well known genuine eJapanese running. These folks are looking to help our country. Then there are some other "

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A Needed Article

9 Day 1,055, 14:28 Published in Japan Japan

It would appear that our media is suffering from a severe case of Sunday laziness. In an effort to liven things up, here are some pics that might inspire you to write a bit today.


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The New War Module and eSociety

7 Day 1,051, 16:27 Published in Japan Japan

Brothers and sisters, the time to transform your panties and stockings into weapons for battle has come! A new war module is upon us and we are already seeing its effects (wide spread war, rich

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Ven a eJapon!

20 Day 1,045, 11:16 Published in Spain Spain

Hola buena gente de España!

Como parte de mi misión de establecer buenas relaciones con otros países, estoy publicando este artículo para establecer relaciones diplomáticas con el gobierno de Españ … read more »