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Australian Aid and Information Service

8 Day 1,366, 16:30 Published in Australia Australia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I would like to formally announce the creation of the Australian Aid and Information Service

For too long has eAustralia been without an organisation that helps out the young players with both items to help them in their early development and[/

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Why the Training war is doomed to fail

22 Day 1,329, 11:40 Published in Australia Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Ok people let’s get some things into perspective shall we.

A few hours ago President DocterDry issued a complaint that the TW would have to be held off since we didn't have enough MPPs to effectively mount a defense. This was obviously missed by

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The True Enemy of eAustralia

19 Day 1,325, 04:36 Published in Australia Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Don't be fooled by Indonesia or internal Politics.

we have forgotten our true enemy. The enemy that will never forget us.


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[CP] DO NOT fight in Western Australia

18 Day 1,320, 07:28 Published in Australia Australia Battle orders Battle orders

This Resistance is not sanctioned by my Government and the Australian people wish to keep the current peace with Indonesia.

please fight for our allies and not in Western Australia

Prime Minister

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Vote NO to NE Congressmen

12 Day 1,303, 07:11 Published in Australia Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Do you really think Declaring Natural Enemy on Indonesia is the way to go?

We have been wiped out many times in the last few months and lets be honest in that we arent going to win in the firepower department.

If people really want to keep

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