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8 Day 1,880, 04:23 Published in Hungary Hungary Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

(katt a képre a nagyításhoz)

Peniszpunepa mint a Nemzet Büszkesége?
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5 Day 1,872, 10:21 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Battle orders Battle orders

Hello my readers!

eHungary fight agantist eRomania in Black Sea Coast of Turkey!
All of hit so needful so I pay the travell cost to eHungary (go for exaple: Central Hungary) and I send 15 Q5 wepon if you will go to Hungary and hit!


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Big Hit Competition

6 Day 1,864, 09:24 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello my readers!

eSaudi Arabia need more help!Hit larger and won the battle against eIsrael and other enemy!

For the bigger motivation I'll pay tanks and food for large hits!

In div. 1: HIT MORE THAN 500.000 AND I'LL GIVE YOU 5 Q7 TANK

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8 Day 1,856, 07:44 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Hello readers!

Please VOTE my article and when you do that klick here and I send you 200 Q2 food!


PS: I'm going to run for congress member and I hope you Vote to me!🙂

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