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Day 1,872, 10:21 Published in Saudi Arabia Hungary by unar

Hello my readers!

eHungary fight agantist eRomania in Black Sea Coast of Turkey!
All of hit so needful so I pay the travell cost to eHungary (go for exaple: Central Hungary) and I send 15 Q5 wepon if you will go to Hungary and hit!

Here the battle's link!

Send a comment if you will go to eHungary to hit!





Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,872, 10:43

It will be hard. It will depends on Romania and Hungary too.
Because in the Nolmut(Hungarian player)statistics the Romanians are a bit better in division 3 and 4, but Hungary can be hard.
As I was eHungarian for one year(RL Hungarian too), I know that they will do everything what they can, I allready started to read Hungarian media about it, and they started to make supplies for fighters.
But every help is good, thank you very much unar!

Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,872, 10:46

Oh and you can imagine how we hate Romanian yetis. They stoled a lot of territories from us. Now three million Hungarian live under "Romanian territory" since 1920.

unar Day 1,872, 10:57

I can imagine becouse im from hungary too!🙂

wars 7
wars 7 Day 1,872, 18:20

dam i missed it...

unar Day 1,873, 00:45


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