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The Story of Martin Sunter

5 Day 1,830, 21:57 Published in Austria Austria Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Martin came from a different world. Called CyberCitizens. In his short time in that world he met a group called La Familia. They welcomed him in, and notified him that the world he was born in, and lived in, was dying. Soon there would be nothing

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The Polish Threat

5 Day 1,823, 23:07 Published in Austria Austria Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

As I'm sure many of you are aware of, our neighbors to the north have swept through much of Western Europe. This Imperialistic takeover is absolutely venomous to smaller neighbors such as ourselves.

New members come into this game, and for the

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Gehen Abstimmung! [ASM]

6 Day 1,821, 21:24 Published in Austria Austria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

In my short time having returning to the eWorld, I noticed one thing almost immediately. This country is in turmoil. While the last time I played this game was during it's BETA days, I still am no newcomer to ePolitics. I have led two parties in

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