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The Story of Martin Sunter

Day 1,830, 21:57 Published in Austria Austria by Anton Boyack

Martin came from a different world. Called CyberCitizens. In his short time in that world he met a group called La Familia. They welcomed him in, and notified him that the world he was born in, and lived in, was dying. Soon there would be nothing left. Yet there was still hope. La Familia was moving to a new world, known as Erepublik. The world was brand knew, and not yet complete. Perfect for the organization to plant its seed.

After moving Martin learned a secret. With every 'new child' (account) he helped bring into this new world, his wealth grew greater. He became a master at creating fake birth certificates (multi-accounting), and thus becoming a very rich man. He hijacked eUSA's largest political party at the time, and became a very prominent political leader of eAmerica.

His organization, La Familia, was very happy to hear this. However, they did not know his dirty little secret. They promoted him, and soon he was a leader of two very different worlds. A leader of the public, and a leader of many different countries seedy underworld. Although presented with unlimited wealth, Martin still desired more. He desired to become elected President of eAmerica, and invade its neighbors to the south and north. He wanted to publicly rule and empire. However, there were certain members of his party that would never allow something like this from him. For they were becoming very suspicious of him.

He came up with a fake operation known as Operation Eagle Strike, in which he talked with these certain members and made them come up with a devious plan to destroy America. He then made the plan public. eAmerica was in outrage! Members of its favorite party were caught in a plot to destroy its own country! Martin managed to escape most of the blame, not that it mattered. With all the fake votes Martin could produce, there was nothing in his way from a Presidential victory.

Believing he could trust his fellow members in La Familia, he let it slip how he was garunteed the Presidential seat. Most were ok with it, however... one was not. Somebody snitched him out to the eAmerican CIA. After coming home one evening, Martin was attacked. He managed to kill the attackers located in his home, yet his wife and children were all killed. He got into his car and drove for Canada. It was there that he faked his death and hopped on a plan to Australia. Australia was currently being invaded by Indonesia, and he thought he would be safe there.

On March 17, 2005 (I think?) Martin was finally found by the eAmerican CIA. He was killed with one shot straight through the back of the head while he was reading the newspaper on his front porch. His vast fortunes of gold were all lost. The members of La Familia all suffered a similar fate. The snitch remains to this day un-named, and un-known. Or is he?



Anton Boyack
Anton Boyack Day 1,830, 22:03

In reality, 'this man' multi-accounted and was banned by the God Plato for it. This article is not to condone it or anything, just tell a pretty cool story.

MagyarHarcos 1848
MagyarHarcos 1848 Day 1,831, 23:12

voted subed

wschwabe Day 1,831, 00:47

The question i´m thinking of, would he do it again if he would be reborn or did he learned his lesson?

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,831, 20:46

interesting. : )

Anton Boyack
Anton Boyack Day 1,832, 00:51

I think he learned his lesson haha.

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