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Quotes By People That Occupied Territories will remain eIndonesian

16 Day 497, 07:29 Published in Australia Australia

Here's a short series of quotes that at least some occupied territories will remain in eIndonesian hands.

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Using Combat to Increase Wellness

16 Day 494, 19:56 Published in Australia Australia

I've said previously that the eGov's wellness program is a extraordinary waste of money. Today there's a Aussie eBusiness that looked at copying the eGov's for it's own employees. Simple fact, the eGov's scheme costs 3 times as much as it needs to.

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What's Wrong With Messages To New Players & How To Improve It

17 Day 494, 04:38 Published in Australia Australia

Not messing words :

Too much ePolitical trash & not simple easy to understand intro guide.

When a new player enters this game, they should be reading a simple guide that will guide them so that they won't completely stuff themselves up & quit.

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Next Battle

5 Day 493, 23:01 Published in Romania Romania

Anumber of Aussies (and others) are wanting to know when the next battles are going to occur. We want to know because some are deciding whether to come to eRomania or travel to eGermany.

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Were The French Resistance Terrorists

10 Day 489, 19:26 Published in Australia Australia

We've heard many eIndonesian puppets in eAustralia's government claim that those who fight for eAustralian independence are terrorists & some eGovernmental members had even called for a campaign to have bans against Australians who fought of the

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