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Elect Day Man in Nebraska

9 Day 1,005, 14:07 Published in USA USA

That’s right, I’m Day Man, and I am the fighter of the Night Man and the champion of the sun.

My Congressional Platform:

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Good News Everyone!!!

3 Day 977, 16:19 Published in USA USA

I am running for congress in Utah. And I am supported by Larry and Professor read more »

Elect Me on the Far Side of Utah

12 Day 974, 17:41 Published in USA USA

Please Vote, Comment, and Sub

My Congressional Campaign Platform:

A. Utah!

B. Qualifications
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Article Numero Uno

7 Day 969, 13:27 Published in USA USA

To Be Covered in This Issue:

1. Info about this newspaper

2. Info about me
A. General Info
B. Military Career Overview
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