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Things New Citizens Should Do Daily

11 Day 1,071, 01:02 Published in Ireland Ireland

There have been a lot of changes to eRep in the last few months, but there are a few things that have not changed that New Citizens need to be aware of. These are simple things which should be done daily if at all possible. It will help you get

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Maybe I Need a Change....

16 Day 1,068, 23:11 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello, my beautiful people!

I suppose I should write a well thought out and lengthy manifesto, but meh, I just don't feel like it. Most of you know what I'm about and the fact that I'm still here shows I'm dedicated. A lot has change since the

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If You Aren't Pissing People Off Then You Ain't Doin It Right

12 Day 1,058, 22:25 Published in Ireland Ireland

Do you think that's true?

I do.

Sometimes to do what is necessary you have to piss a few people off. The essence of compromise is that neither side leaves the table happy. That's the way it is.

Sitting in that big chair is not easy. I'm

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I Was Going to Go All EMO, But Then I Got an Idea.....

15 Day 1,054, 14:55 Published in Ireland Ireland

I was going to go all EMO.

And then I read Michael Hook's comment on my last article. And many others. I wasn't angling

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Sorrow So Profound....

19 Day 1,053, 08:52 Published in Ireland Ireland

Donovan Thomas is leaving.

It's like a punch to the gut. It is. DT and I have had a lot of fun together. A lot of fun. He was my Mentor, my Friend, and my greatest Confidant in this game.


What a laugh. This isn't just a game. Anyone

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