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Is this Spam Spam ?

14 Day 619, 23:43 Published in Philippines Philippines

Hormel developed America's first canned ham (''Hormel Flavor-Sealed Ham'') in 1926, and eleven years later developed the first canned meat product that did not require refrigeration. … read more »

HazzN's unofficial campaign song

13 Day 589, 12:59 Published in Philippines Philippines

Let me tell you about HazzN!

He's got skills.
They're multiplyin'.
He should be in control.
'It's for the CP power
That he's applying',
He's … read more »

MDU Hillbillies

9 Day 583, 12:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Come and listen to a story about the MDU
A poor failing party, members but only few,
Then one day it slipped out of the top five,
Something was needed if it was to stay alive.

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Kumnaa Kumnaa Kumnaa Kumnaa Kumnaa for President

14 Day 560, 11:06 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Erep loving in his eyes all the way.
If you listen to his words would you say
he's a man (a man) with conviction,
he's a man (a man) who realy knows
how to solve (to solve) … read more »


3 Day 547, 13:32 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

We shall go on to the end,
We shall fight on the seas and oceans,
We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strenght in the air,
We shall defend our island, … read more »