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WORLD WAR – EDEN is changing the course! Plus presidents opinion!

Day 1,607, 04:12 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Elnoor Asteros

Hello, dear readers. It seems that after the shock when ONE was almost winning every battle, something happened and now, EDEN is recovering. You can say that the turning point was when Republic of Moldavia, resisted against Polish invaders. Thanks to that, the spirit of winning got into the EDEN soldiers and the map changed again.


The ex-ONE HQ SG said that unlike all other wars, this one seems to be a lot different. Because of the changes in the game mechanics, this new war, is nothing else than an economic war, a war of economic attrition. And because of these, the next big target to be destroyed, is no one else than CHINA.

Another state in distress is Argentina. Their war with Chile, ignited the growth of Chile, and created a dangerous enemy at the western border. Right now, the entire ONE and EPIC are focusing on eliminating Argentina for good from the map. Rumors say that even Indonesia may have a stake in there. Of course this will only mean that another country will be deleted and that is Australia.

The big plans for April of ONE HQ are the delete of Romania, Greece and Croatia, plus crippling the economy of China, Brazil and USA by cutting most of their bonuses. Also, ONE waits for Ireland and India, to join ranks, because of their links with Bulgaria.

Also, Brazil relation with Romania, one of EDEN founding fathers is in dire state. The new president of Romania is one of NEMESIS soldiers, a good reason for Brazil to never sign an MPP with Romania again. NEMESIS is one of the arch-enemies of Brazil, and good reason for ONE MoFas to exploit the situation, and who knows maybe bring Brazil to ONE.

Before we go to see, what presidents of the world have to say about this month is good to see what countries have any chances to be liberated in the eyes of ONE HQ. First they assured Slovakia, Austria and Belgium. Second step is liberating Montenegro from Bosnian domination, because Serbia is NE Bosnia. Third step was the liberation of UAE and Pakistan (which actually failed, being taken again by China), Egypt and Saudi Arabia (another fail, being taken by Cyprus). Right now, they are focusing on liberating Mexico and Venezuela, with Spain help. Also, they send mobile units to recover South Korea from Taiwanese domination. Also, ONE intends to put a stop to the Chinese migration towards Europe.


In Turkey, the start of the month was under dark clouds. An unknown person, with level 20, took away the power, and made people of the EDEN alliance to fear of the future. Luckily, the person that took the presidency is nothing else than an old banned player, with pro-EDEN views. So all the bad, towards Greater GOOD. Speaking about Greater Good, Turkey joined officially the ranks of EDEN, as a full-fledged member, getting the dreamed leaf of the EDEN tree.

Republic of Moldavia

A new president arrived, with Moldavian origins, and thanks to that they were able to conclude a peace treaty with Poland. Of course, there are still people in the country that wish for the war, as you can see the new NE law, right after peace was signed. But that doesn’t mean anything, because Moldavians should be happy they never got deleted while countries like Ukraine and Romania, we’re barely keeping one region. Of course, until the peace was signed, some epic fights emerged and showed the world, that citizens from this part of the world are not dead yet, and can still ignite the fire of power. Who knows, maybe someday, we’ll see Moldavia also a full-fledged member of EDEN.


It started a mighty campaign, destroying Ukraine and Romania in the process, with intents of helping Bulgaria in occupying Turkey. Unfortunately for them, this campaign was a lot harder, than what they had before in the Western Europe and now not only they are losing Ukrainian and Romanian territories, but they also run from the Turkish armies, that came after them. I can say that at least Polish officials keep their word, and I have great respect for Pierre Dzoncy, who helped the negotiations between Moldavia and Poland.


In the first days of the month, I took the liberty to congratulate all the presidents of the world, and put them a few questions that might help me get an image over their country.

These are my questions:
1. What are your country next plans?
2. What to you intend to do to increase your country reputation?
3. Is there any new country that you plan to forge an alliance? (at a level higher than mpp, bro style)
4. What inspired your people to elect you?
And a special question, what do you think about Republic of Moldavia?
And these are their responses, from which you can see yourselves, exactly what they want from April month.

Justino Figueiredo, Portugal
1. At the moment we want to improve our social plans (activities, contests, projects) and we plan on improving our economy.
2. We will help every ally as much as we can either through military support or in any way we can. We want to improve relations with every EDEN and TERRA member. I also want to be more active in EDEN.
3. Right now Argentina and Colombia are top priorities for us. I also want to get closer to Croatia and Brazil once again and improve our relations with France and Italy.
4. My dreamish green eyes. Either that or you'll have to ask them.
5. At the moment not much, but I would very much like to know more.

Napoleon 54, Albania
1. We need to grow up quickly because in Balkans are many powerful enemies that we have to be in war with. At the moment we will try to defend our regions and to have congress, in the other hand we are member of EDEN and we always fight for our brotherhood.
2. As you have seen, our elite army ILLYRIANS is now known in many friendly countries for their help in many epic battles. Also we are trying to make as many friends as possible and t be respected by our allies. What we need from this game is fun and friendship. (Fact already proven to Republic of Moldavia, Respect Brothers!)
3. Nice question. We have close relation with almost every EDEN country + most of Terra countries. One country that Albania has had a great relation last weeks is Argentina, while next objective is Moldova 😉
4. Well, I have been in lead of eAlbanian community since eAlbania wasn’t in map. I'm respectable in my country and I have shown that I can help and lead it. People believe in me, and we don’t have political problems in eAlbania. We are very united and this is very good.
5. We are making everything to keep babies alive. There are more than 200 babies active now and 40-50% has joined our national chat. We are helping them with everything they want, food, CC and sometimes arms. Hope they will like and enjoy game, so we can build a stronger eAlbania.

Pan Xenonchik, Ukraine
1. Our country plans is helping our allies and liberation against Poland.
2. We have a lot of pacts with other countries about exchange of damage. We help them, they help us.
3. We are opened to good relations with any not proONE country.
4. I think it was my experience in government service xD
5. You have a small population but you fight bravely. 🙂
Heiberth, Colombia
1. Unfortunately the plans of my country ... I'm reserving them.
2. My reputation as a player does not interest me. I only want the good of the country I love so much.............
3. The last country to forge alliance is q republic of Moldova and we will try by all means keeping the friendship with all of our current allies and seeking more........
4. I think because of my high experience, because many know me and know I am a soldier and I have many friends around the world

KTTRS, Germany
1. Well right now we plan to finish our region swaps with Sweden and after that I'm planning to do negotiations about an additional raw region with another country.
2. Other than sticking to made treaties, we try to be active in foreign affairs (that means having ambassadors to several countries, but also having good Ministers who are experienced in those matters).
3. There are no real plans for a special "alliance". But I think it's important to further improve the relations between all Terra countries. Other than that I'm working together with Sweden right now.
4. Well I was already CP for 10 days last month after the impeachment of the last CP. Those 10 days worked out very good, so I've decided to run again as CP and got elected.
5. I don't really have that much knowledge about Moldavia. But there have never been problems with you and I guess we work pretty good together through the basic Teden alliances stuff (meaning MPPs etc.). We also noticed your war with Poland which is something we had to endure time after time, I hope that war and any occupation of your country is over soon.

WANG ZICK, Republic of China (Taiwan)
1. Rest, eROC needs rest after these months, and we will try to invite more citizens
2. We have a plan "ROCAS", We hope it can help eROC's friend in battlefield
3. NO, We don't have any plan
4. I only won one precious vote, maybe I am more handsome?
5. I must say, I have no idea about Republic of Moldavia, but if you can provide some information to me. I will try to learn.

Nimnul, Russia
1. I think my task for this term is to direct my country firmly through the storms of current world events. To do no harm
2. A plan is to make a series of articles explaining our view on the most important issues of world politics.
3. We have many friends but the main problem for us now is that some of them are fighting against each other too enthusiastically. We must resolve this first. Anyway we are open for any proposals.
4. Difficult question for me. I think they share my point of view on the world events and our role in them
5. I remember the times when our countries had very close relations. We helped Moldavia to fight for independence on the battlefield and on political arena against PTO. Then our relations cooled off for some time. I think we could improve them if there is a mutual interest in it. I have many friends among Moldavian players and wish good luck to your country.

SokoBiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. Our plans for the coming period are stabilization of our region and keeping the bonus regions of eMontenegro. We make negotiations with TERRA and EDEN alliance. We will try to be trial member of one of these alliances.
2. I intend to offer military assistance to our friendly countries. That is the main thing that every country need in this period which is full of wars.
3. We try to make the MPP with all countries that we consider friends. MPP is some kind of evidence that our, and some other countries a good friends, and they can count on each other. Either we are or are not friends. No between. eBiH invest much effort into friendly relations.
4. My charisma: P and experience. I'm one of the oldest players in eBiH, and have a lot of experience. Some jokingly call me a eFossil, eGod, eGadaffi because of my reputation in eBiH. 😃 All my eLife I dedicated to eMilitary in eBiH. Because of that I know very well how to lead the administration and how to make a good organization of government.

Arfman, Australia
1. My country is at a crossroads now. While we're neutral, we have many friends in the T/EDEN nations. Our former adversaries have given us free berth now, but that does not mean we're safe. We were previously at war with Indonesia, who conquered us a few times. We are continually speaking with them to make sure we remain friendly. On our Eastern border, our neighbours Chile and New Zealand are in a big conflict with Argentina. We have stayed mostly out of this but is monitoring the situation.
2. We're continually speaking to other countries, both allies and former enemies. We are continuing to ally with many pro-T/EDEN countries and helping by sending out our military.
3. At the moment we're speaking to a few EDEN countries in Europe to see if we can have MPPs. We are also in talks with many European countries despite their distance from us.
4. We have seen moments of peace on our home soil and prosperity under our last 2 CPs (srg91 and Larni Kaddlestorm). I extend that cabinet. The top two candidates in the CP elections were members of the previous cabinets. I suppose the parties that support me had the policies in making our population bigger., China

1. Keep China resources. Assist Allies. Education new citizens.
2. First, China will be in the interests of the EDEN and try hard. Second, deal with geopolitical now.
3. In addition to China has consistently keep friendly countries outside, I will be more let China as soon as possible established in other countries friendly relationship. Of course, we will have his own position. And, I need to get my citizens agree.
4. The reason is very simple. I love China

Xoni, Belarus
1. Our next plans in this month solve problem with ABC again(they want rent) and will help Ukraine in RWs
2. Fight for our allies and do report for our damags(docs, scripts etc.)
3. Now I don't see new allianse with Bulgaria and I don't inderstad why we must leave EDEN. TErra and ONE don't like us
4. I can work and modernise system) And was options:
- me
- or Mr. Ololo who cann't build system, he can only crush)

Mattio, Netherlands
1. My personal plans will firstly be to set up a government. I will focus on recruiting and coaching young players to my country, because that is what the Netherlands are seriously in need of!
2. The Netherlands are trying to get a seat in EDEN for a while and I believe that to achieve this, we have to prove to our allies that we are there for them and for their affiliated non-members. Last month, we had a war with our southern neighbours, the Belgians, due to which we couldn't show up at EDEN battlefields. We need to show that we are still there for our alliance!
3. As said above, the Dutch-Belgian relationship has been damaged by the war. I believe that it is very well possible to improve that relationships, maybe even BECAUSE of this war: we now see each other a lot more often.
4. I believe that the party support I got had a great influence on that. I suppose it is because of my well organized plans to improve young player activity.
5. I believe you are a strong and honourable people. I really hope to meet you guys on the battlefield (on the same side, of course ;P) one day.

Elnoor Asteros
Next edition, I will have the rest of the answers from the presidents, to avoid the article monstrous size. Maximum pause between this one and the next one will be 36 hours. So please subscribe to stay in touch.



The_Form Day 1,607, 04:14

You can say that the turning point was when Republic of Moldavia, resisted against Polish invaders.

şi prostii (:

Napoleon 54
Napoleon 54 Day 1,607, 04:15


Alb0Golem Day 1,607, 04:23

@Napoleon 54 Like a boss

nimnul Day 1,607, 04:25


Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,607, 04:27

EDEN is losing almost everywhere.No turning point.

Kotzata Day 1,607, 04:32

Thanks to new logs from ONE HQ, we found that Bulgaria going to ONE was all a strategic move made by 30 pro-ONE Bulgarians. Is a big hit, to all those that where protecting Bulgaria innocence. I don’t say that all the Bulgarians have a fault here, just those that we’re not able to detect the propaganda master plan of ONE.
>>>>Proof or GTFO

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,607, 04:38

Kotzata, check Smee Again Newspaper! there is a link!

galenaandrea Day 1,607, 04:41

Smee again? Axaxaaxa, 100% of his articles are trolling 😃:D

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,607, 04:42

well, the check the pastebin, that seems legit!

galenaandrea Day 1,607, 04:44

Yeah, every article by him seems legit 😃:D

galenaandrea Day 1,607, 04:47

<Siddy> Serbia, Poland, FYROM, Hungary, Spain, and of course, Indonesia

EPIC FAIL! Nobody in ONE use FYROM for naming Macedonia.

DimebagDarrell Day 1,607, 04:52

I'm not reading this sh!t, just wanna say EDEN is a failure 🙂 C ya

crazymi Day 1,607, 04:53

voted in front row

delete this
delete this Day 1,607, 04:53

i published the logs i was given and even the sg of one confirmed in a comment the logs are real. Only two people deny it, trolls and those that are trying to backtrack and cover themselves now.

also galenaandrea, how do you know what everybody in ONE calls fyrom?

galenaandrea Day 1,607, 04:55

They call it Macedonia.

delete this
delete this Day 1,607, 04:56

Why not Western Bulgaria?

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 1,607, 04:57

India wont join ONE, you can trust me on that, not one player in India supports ONE, its a shame Bulgaria had to MPP with them but that is life, but India wont join ONE that is guaranteed 🙂

galenaandrea Day 1,607, 04:57

Because they want to be called Macedonia.

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Day 1,607, 05:04

LOL, Ireland, India and Brasil in ONE?

voted because it's entertaining

IOANNIS6 Day 1,607, 05:15

BTV Репортерите - МЪкедония (28.01.2012)

IOANNIS6 Day 1,607, 05:15

BTV Репортерите - МЪкедония (28.01.2012)

IOANNIS6 Day 1,607, 05:15

BTV Репортерите - МЪкедония (28.01.2012)

Faunoskov Day 1,607, 05:15


crazymi Day 1,607, 05:16, China
4. The reason is very simple. I love China
As I know, shouldn't it be " I have a sweet daughter?"

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,607, 05:17

great article!!!

SokoBiH Day 1,607, 05:36

ima mene ima vote


Cotarius Day 1,607, 06:21

Very good article

Lucifer aka Biuy
Lucifer aka Biuy Day 1,607, 06:51

great article!!!

Sinan Ks
Sinan Ks Day 1,607, 06:52

Hail albania forever

CPIRRA Day 1,607, 06:52

HAIL Nino54(napoleon54)

iCask Day 1,607, 07:08

Voted, good article!


Klenti Doce
Klenti Doce Day 1,607, 07:11

HAIL Nino54(napoleon54)

maxXxy666 Day 1,607, 07:12

HAIL Nino54(napoleon54)

Kleantjo The Legend
Kleantjo The Legend Day 1,607, 07:13

Hail Napoleon 54

Sinan Ks
Sinan Ks Day 1,607, 07:13


Atila0185 Day 1,607, 07:15

Hail Nino Hail
Hail Nino Hail
Hail Nino Hail

Alrepublik2 Day 1,607, 07:18

Nino54 Succesfull Cp Of e-ALbania ...Continue like This Bro..🙂

Albanianboy21 Day 1,607, 07:19

HAIL Nino54(napoleon54)

Lumbardh B
Lumbardh B Day 1,607, 07:22

Hail Napoleon 54

Djonydjo Day 1,607, 07:31

V + S

WANG ZICK Day 1,607, 07:47


Di0mitko Day 1,607, 07:53

smee againDay 1,607, 04:56 Why not Western Bulgaria? There is one country wich can be called "Begars of the Eurozone", i still wonder why the countryes in EDEN called it differently...

Bread100 Day 1,607, 09:19


Kotzata Day 1,607, 09:31

43smee againDay 1,607, 04:56
4h 34m ago
Why not Western Bulgaria?
>>>Smeegol, if I remember correctly you were the person, who accused bulgarians of spreading RL hate. Why are you dong the same? Double standarts much?

Snaper Day 1,607, 10:12

konna ajunge ţuică

Joramd91 Day 1,607, 15:33


CharlyGarcia Day 1,607, 16:32


Rona1d Day 1,607, 16:32

and Argentina? xaxaxaxa

Scoundrel Day 1,608, 06:53

we are coming back

Karmous Day 1,608, 14:18

wall of text...

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