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World Financial Group

Day 1,676, 17:05 Published in USA USA by XxBusinessMogulexX

Hello eWorld. Before we continue to our subject, we would like to introduce ourselves to the ones that aren't familiar with us.
We are WFG (World Financial Group)., the organisation that promises to changed the eWorld with their acts, not words. You might have heard about BM Corp which was founded a few weeks ago and did a great job in those weeks, but we merged with two other big corporations in the eUS and created this global organisation.

Corporations part of the merger:
"eCitizens Bank" is the name of the first one and "Wallis Corp." is the second one.

Our organisation has 3 "branches", including:
- WFG Banking(former eCitizens Bank)
- WFG Stock(former Wallis Corp)
- WFG Charity(former BM Corp)


We've donated over 370,000 cc in the past week to organisations, militias/MU's all over the eWorld.

Proof can be found here:

But before this organisation, I, XxBusinessMogulexX(BM) - CEO of WFG Charity as an individual donated a lot to the eUS Militias/MU's/Gov and non-gov organisations. Also to the people. So one day I got the idea, why not to expand this through the whole world. WHY NOT?
So, here we are on this mission, hopefully to help the eWorld and be remembered as someone who did good.


Now to one of the main points of this article.
We need help. We alone can't donate and help the whole eWorld, by ourselves. So we need help from all of you generous people who want to help our world. Your donations can be donated to me(XxBusinessMogulexX -

Your name will be published in our articles and republished all around the eWorld as a sign of gratitude of your act. As a prove that your donation is going where it should be, you can ask any of the above mentioned organsations about us. You can ask Smartz345 who donated over 350,000 cc to our organisation and we are very grateful for that. And hopefully soon you can be the one to vouch about us.

It doesn't matter if you are a government or non-government organisation, if you are TEDEN or ONE. Everybody is going to be treated equal.

Donate to save the eWorld.
Soon we will introduce our newest program which will be something new and unseen.

International articles:

Here are some of the organisations that received our funds:
- DoI
- The Special Forces
- The Gold Tanking fund
- ST6
- SoL
- Libertian Militia
- SFP Bear Cavalry
- Pickle's Patriots


- Friends MU


- Phoenix


- United Cyprus Army

- Arme Francais
- L'Armee Francaise

Kiwi Military Guard

And these are the organisations that received money in the name of our organisation: WFG Charity(Or former eCBCO).

Mr Andrews's article:

Cloyd Wallis's article:

VOTE FOR Portcolumbus
in Mississippi on the 25th!

* * * Soil3d to Congress * *
* * * Vote in Arizona! * * *

More updates will be available soon. Thank you for reading.


JasonEye21 Day 1,676, 17:10

Wow Mr. Andrews wasn't lying when he said this would turn the financial world upside down.

Dan Heylin
Dan Heylin Day 1,676, 17:27

Woot Woot

Celestial Angel
Celestial Angel Day 1,676, 19:52

vote 95

Mr Andrews
Mr Andrews Day 1,676, 20:22

My follow up article to this one...

World Financial Group

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 1,677, 07:06

you guys rock ! all I can say , WFO 4ever !

Code-Y Day 1,677, 07:08

587 votes, 4 comments.

olvia Day 1,677, 08:24


John Stahl
John Stahl Day 1,677, 08:44

Traducid-lo a otros idiomas!

Krater0s Day 1,677, 09:35

congrats!! o7

SpartakMKD Day 1,677, 14:34


Savonrepus Day 1,677, 16:43

Why would anyone support someone who donates to their enemies?

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,677, 17:36

I donate to everybody both from TEDEN and ONE.

pogonici Day 1,678, 00:19

also Plato need some cc. to buy raw from markets.

Uschmidt Day 1,678, 00:31

This is a big fraud, lol. Take donations, keep provisions, give some pennies, dumbest trick on earth.

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,678, 03:46

Ulysses, check my previous article, every penny which was donated to this organisation, got donated back to the people. There is every org which received money + how much it received, you can ask the people in those orgs if they received the money and they will confirm.

Mikhail CP
Mikhail CP Day 1,678, 09:29


XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,678, 09:41


shaql Day 1,678, 10:38

when will you change the name to Abstergo Industries? I can see some similarities...

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,678, 10:49

Damn why does everyone think that there is some conspiracy and that this is a fraud. Ask all the people who got help from me and they will confirm my good intentions.

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