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Why is democracy so important?

Day 683, 08:27 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

Democracy by definition is ‘Government by the people’. This means that every person can have their say and that their elected representatives have a duty to represent them.

I would urge all citizens of eUK and other nations to embrace democracy and make your views known. You can start your own newspaper, comment on other articles in the press, make contact with your local congressmen and get involved in all kinds of debates, legislation and party politics on the external eUK forums.

I would also urge you all to add friends with the leaders of your political parties and your local congressmen so that you can see their shouts. Subscribe to government agency papers such as The Ministry of Defence and The Home Office so that you can stay informed.

In our democracy we all get one vote. Make it count. Whether it’s for congress elections or Presidential elections, choose the person who you believe will do the best job for you and for the nation in general. Remember – you are voting for the person and not the party that they are representing. Your vote does make a difference. Not only does a high voter turnout mean a truer democracy but it also adds to your xp.

Are you happy with the current administration? Would a change improve things? Do the current congressmen and cabinet ministers have your best interests at heart? All questions that you need to ask yourselves. There are lots of good congressmen who work tirelessly for the people. There are others who don’t work hard at all or only do it for their own personal gain. You decide how you feel your congressmen are performing.

An issue of much discussion recently has been the House of Lords. Much has been written about this so I will not go into it in detail. Congress voted to abolish the HoL. We then had congressional elections and the new congress voted the HoL back in. Opinions are very much divided on whether we should have a HoL or not. Parties are split on the issue. The basic argument against the HoL is that it is not democratic and is a way of the elite clinging on to power without having to do the work of a congressman. The basic argument for the HoL is that the Lords are some of the most experienced people in the game and that we need them to oversee the HoC. There is some sense in this but it is also argued that they could do this just as well by running for congress, which would make them more accountable to the general public.

Over the coming days, the Presidential candidates will be stepping up their campaigns. It looks like it will be a close and exciting race. I won’t get into taking sides in this article but if you want to know my thoughts then please read my previous article.

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John Bartlett
John Bartlett Day 683, 08:55

Nice Article! 🙂

Asher Di Immortales
Asher Di Immortales Day 683, 09:06

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Written by a friend of mine

ePocalypse Day 683, 09:22

@Asher - read it, think it's flawed and it doesn't propose any alternative. Democracy is what the people of the country make it. How well it works depends how involved the citizens get. It is also better than any alternative.

GGRyan Day 683, 10:20

I liking your well thought-out, well written articles Dan. Loving it - great job.

West Peasant
West Peasant Day 692, 11:05

nice! I understand democracy better now 😃

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