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Why 'ATO' efforts need to be Institutionalised

Day 2,352, 03:10 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy

Morning all,

Recently the eUK has been subject to some peculiar activity.

Firstly, there was widespread concern over New Era allowing foreign voters in to support them in elections. This caused concern as because members of the eUK were fighting a PTO* it was possible that these foreign voters may be PTO agents who a election times would aid the PTO'ers in taking political power. NE's reaction to this seems confused, but the general sentiment is that they feel they are right in allowing serb voters in because there is already some serbian presence in the eUK, and TUP (amongst others) has ran serbian candidates for office before, giving NE leadership anxiety about TUP's powerbase. At any rate NE certainly show no intent to stop and the general feeling regarding TUP is that they havent let in 'floods' of foreigners to support a playerbase, but that emigres have chosen their party for legitimate 'new lives' in the eUK, as many others have across all eUK parties.

Secondly, there is an issue in that TUP members feel they have been PTO'd, by the Dental Corps, something DC haven't denied and something which has involved the CP and his ministers. The involvement of those individuals has caused concern - though that is a matter for another article - and the debacle has no doubt caused some confusion.

In my eyes, the prime risk remains to be the foreign PTO, and so the real people who need questioning here is New Era. Their grudge risks dragging the eUK into PTO/ATO land, whereby they import dodgy voters and the establishment import their own voters to counter it. Ie, eternal to's and fro's with very little progress and widespread draconian dischord. However, it seems unlikely that our alliance will support us in elections when one of our largest parties is apparently in cahoots with the PTO'ers - after all, that does make the task infinitely harder.

One thing that has been highlighted by this issue is the need for the government and for Congress to establish an ATO organisation on an institutional level - so far the ATO efforts have been arranged by CP's participating with the plans and efforts of members of the public, and although it has seen some success, to me it seems untenable to rely on a mish mash of volunteers each month, and the next CP should certainly form a governmental body to manage and oversee ATO efforts, whether it be coordinating mobile votes from our current parties or votes from elsewhere.

Using alliance votes is very risky, we don't want to find ourselves in a stalemate against PTO'ers with the eUK being reliant on alliance votes, when alliance memberships often change, sometimes radically. Therein lies the main issue, if we use foreign voters, it will no doubt give credence to NE's perspective that the establishment uses foreign votes to keep power. Technically they wouldn't be wrong, but it is a matter of discerning which voters are benevolent, and which are malicious. As such, the eUK has to try and solve this on it's own, the aggressive elements of our top 5 parties have to be dealt with and we have to set up immigration policies that prevent PTO'ers getting in whilst still respecting parties right to let in new citizens.

As such, a Governmental body dealing with ATO's has to be independent of the whims of changing CP's, and representative of each party. Thus Congressional/PP involvement is neccessary, either in the form of overseeing the ATO department or managing it directly. This will ensure that no party receives bias, all parties are kept informed, and the public and it's concerns are represented.

However, the leadership of NE appears to have lost it's credibility and certainly the trust of a large sector of society, and it is quickly reaching the point where people will be reluctant to work with them to deal with this sh*tstorm and instead will view them as being part and parcel of the PTO itself. This perspective has already gained massive ground and NE leadership need to release a statement on this issue explaining their actions and perspectives ASAP so that people (including their own members) can hold them to account. Without that, it is only natural to assume the worst.

So, we know the the government has to arrange an ATO department in order to have a tenable and continuous body overseeing this issue, and that Congress have to be involved from both the immigration end but also in the overseeing, so that everyone is happy that the new citizens coming in are not biased or influencing eUK politics in favour of one body of people.

We also know that there is great mistrust against NE and that they appear to be working with the PTO, this I believe is the fault of a few individuals and is something the public deserves an explanation on, otherwise whatever government body that is set up may refuse to work with NE, and rightly so - as the evidence so far suggests that these individuals do have some malicious intent. This of course goes back on the key principle that an ATO department should be founded on, but we have found ourself in the peculiar position where malicious PTO'ers seem to be taking advantage of the bravado of an insecure party. And as pointed out, it is in the hands of NE to clarify their position regarding the ATO if they expect to be included in ATO efforts.

There is a discussion on these issues happening on the external forums here. Feel free to persue and participate, and see what solutions and views people are already discussing.

tl;dr, the government needs to establish a department to manage ATO's from month to month, and Congress needs to oversee it to make sure it is f air to all parties. NE need to explain themselves to the public and their members if they expect to be included in the initial actions of such a body.

Thanks for reading,
King Woldy.


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*PTO - Political Take Over is when aggressive or malicious agents get eUK citizenship in order to secure PP, COngress and CP seats - so they can control our laws, battles and spending.


Adieu. Day 2,352, 03:23

yet 1st
so May I have a kiss dear King?

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,352, 03:33

of course you may

Adieu. Day 2,352, 03:34

0ha < 3 :hug:

Yossarian Afudyakno
Yossarian Afudyakno Day 2,352, 03:33

YES!!! v+s

Sexagenarian Day 2,352, 05:06

An d who exactly will select these exalted ones?

K to the izza Mo Fo
K to the izza Mo Fo Day 2,352, 07:18

I definitely agree with this. It should be institutionalised and for the governing body personally I would have representation from the top 5 parties. I would then have congress vote for two congressmen to join each month and finally have the chairperson of this committee as the minister of home affairs. To grant citizenship you need a 5/8 vote with the congressmen being allowed up veto any possible citizenship grant. The veto would would result on a 24 hour congress vote on wether to grant citizenship or not

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,352, 11:19

Why not make it even more complicated? Let's have some fun writing the law for this 😛

K to the izza Mo Fo
K to the izza Mo Fo Day 2,352, 12:21

That was me trying to make it uncomplicated 😛 The whole idea of institutionalising ato and citizenship would rely on new eta's cooperation as well as other parties. The first step of this would be extending an olive branch to NE and reinstating their congressmen to the congress discussions

Sir Rex Fleddington
Sir Rex Fleddington Day 2,352, 08:43

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

BigAnt Day 2,352, 10:55

nobody cares

Trusty Schutz
Trusty Schutz Day 2,352, 11:09

Speaking only as an interested reader: no one can say it is a good thing to have to rely upon an ATO organisation for political security. Yes - desperate times require desperate measures - but desperation is a temporal thing, as this organisation should be. It is also problematic that a particular party could be arbitrarily excluded from ATO benevolence (NE), a worrying precedent to set. This is the danger of 'engineering' (rigging, micromanaging, centrally controlling) democracy. I have no interest in defending NE or other reckless parties but I can't help but wonder if an eUK heavily reliant upon an ATO for security would cause more problems than it would solve.

ArgoFookYourself Day 2,352, 11:55

Firstly... the perceived 'PTO' had no involvement from the CP, ministers yeah, but not NWG.

Do we really need any more undemocratic statute? all this does is hand power to a small number of people in a mostly unaccountable manner... parties should be vigilant in themselves and aim to work with others if they are unable to protect themselves. In the real world political parties receiving help form the government is unheard of and seen as bad... the principle should remain the same here.

WayneKerr Day 2,352, 12:11

You wan't Congress to organise the ATO effort?

Are you mad...

It don't matter who organises it, as long as they can organise well...

WayneKerr Day 2,352, 12:43

also, NWG has had nothing to do with what happened at elections.

Iord farhan
Iord farhan Day 2,352, 17:13

I just skimmed your article so sorry if I miss something but, when trusted members of community start leaking screenshots of people attempting to plan ATOs just to score political points against someone, how can we trust people to not leak plans and make a mockery of this effort?

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