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WHPR 2143 - SoKorea and Chile; War Map & Analysis; eNPR

Day 2,143, 02:37 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 2143 - SoKorea and Chile; War Map & Analysis; eNPR
Old Man Custer scratching out a short edition of the WHPR at o200 hours.

Dateline: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 (Day 2,143)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: SoKorea and Chile
: 2: War Maps & Analysis
: 3: eNPR Tuesday Night

Editor: Custer
Contributors: Bucephalus92

I met with Secretary of State NewAzazel and DepSecState Derphoof to ask about recent goings on in CoT.
There was a rash of news articles in the Chilean media which, on the surface, would indicate that nation distancing itself from the alliance.
"The Chilean articles are not from the government. Two are simply citizens, one is a former pro-TWO President (surprise), and the last is Spain's MoD," Naz told me. "I would say it's not something on the top of our radar, but something to monitor next term. Chile has been loyal to CoT, I should think they will continue. They did found the alliance."
Derphoof concurred, adding, "Having articles pop up in various nations voicing their displeasure with an alliance is to be expected. It's especially true when our alliance is on the wrong end of the damage spectrum. People get tired of being outgunned. However, our nations have grown closer and our alliance has grown more efficient over the past few months. This has led to more victories and cohesion. While there may be a couple articles in Chile voicing displeasure in the alliance, I doubt anything would come of it. After all, Chile was one of the founders of the alliance."

South Korea recently dropped from CoT, seemingly abruptly and without notice. What's up with that, guys?
"South Korea rarely showed to meetings lately, didn't coordinate with HQ, and got mad when they received the results they did. They wrote an article announcing a referendum, it passed, and they left," NewAzazel said. "There was not really bitterness in the split, I wish them the best of luck. what confuses me is that they don't really have a place to go. With RoC in ACT, TWO isn't going to take them in. And if they do, RoC won't really be happy about that."
Derphoof added, "As for South Korea leaving, they just left over general dissatisfaction. I don't believe there are any bad feelings between SK and CoT. They simply decided to leave, and they had every right to do so. However, as NewAzazel said, I'm not sure who exactly they'd go to for help. RoC wouldn't be too happy if TWO nations were supporting them."

War Map & Analysis

Greetings Bros, another day another lopsided battle against TWO. We may be getting hit pretty hard right now America, but when we emerge it will be with a vengeance such as has not been seen in this game for a long time. You see, I was eBorn towards the end of WWIII, when the United States was invaded by the strongest nations of the day, losing everything but Florida. We fought back then and we will fight back now, by tooth and nail if we have to. As the great Rocky Balboa once said, "It ain't about how hard you're hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

1. Mexican attack against Poland in Colorado; the score currently stand 34-21 in favor of Mexico, however Poland is holding its own and will become more powerful as they begin waking up and the Mexicans begin falling asleep.
2. Resistance war of the United States against Mexico, do not spend your damage in these resistance wars unless told to do otherwise. We need to save our damage for battles against Spain and Poland. The score currently stands 67-43 in favor of the United States.
3. American attack against Poland in Arkansas.; The score currently stands 32-23 in favor of Poland, who will likely win this battle.
4. American resistance war against Poland in Louisiana; While resistance forces continue to fight hard for our country, this battle, too, will likely be won by the Polish, with the score currently at 45-10 in their favor.
5. Venezuelan attack against Mexico in the Pacific Coast of Mexico; Our Mexican bros are currently losing this battle 57-20. We must be appreciative of our Bros' determination to stand with us despite this current hardship. When TWO was leaving them alone and they had a good set of bonuses, the Mexicans threw themselves into this war on our behalf. It is my sincere hope that over the course of the coming months we will be able to return the favor many times over, and work together to secure both our mighty nations from external threat. Tonight, raise a glass to Mexico!

And always remember...

eNPR, Your Oval Office Radio

Talostastic and Melissa Rose hosted Tuesday night's show, with guests Secretary of State NewAzazel, a new player (I couldn't understand his name), CoT Supreme Commander potato134, and Dr Luis.
Bonus Buds: Ajay's phone number at the 37:30 mark.

Upcoming eNPR Shows:
Next Friday-- Election Eve-- Talos and Melissa Rose will host the Bigass POTUS Debate. Citizens are asked to submit questions for the candidates-- post them in the Comments to this article!
This will be the last eNPR of the current term.

Co SecMeds George Armstrong Custer and Melissa Rose
"I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life."

Staff Writers Mourning Star, Bucephalus92, Phoenix Quinn, Talostastic and Kelly J. Brown

WHPR Day 2143
SoKorea and Chile; War Map & Analysis; eNPR

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James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,143, 02:37

We must be appreciative of our Bros' determination to stand with us despite this current hardship. When TWO was leaving them alone and they had a good set of bonuses, the Mexicans threw themselves into this war on our behalf.

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,143, 06:05


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,143, 06:51

Hail Mexibro o7

Bucephalus92 Day 2,143, 07:04

Hail Mexibro o7

RaccoonGoon Day 2,143, 07:49

Hail Mexibro o7

shiloh13 Day 2,143, 08:09

Hail Mexibro o7

Minino. Day 2,143, 10:30

Hail Cats \o

NO CAT, the MU

Just, Miau o/

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,143, 10:39

Tell BTR I said hello. They will be in touch 🙂

Nancy Davis Reagan
Nancy Davis Reagan Day 2,144, 02:25

If u see my husband tell him to calm down a bit. Your heart is fragile ! Will be in touch soon 🙂

Triwolf03 Day 2,143, 13:08

That New Player's name was Triwolf03 btw

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,143, 18:58

thank you!

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,143, 15:31

Debate Question-- Using your experience, and the changes you have made for the betterment of the country in the past, how will you make the effort to fix eAmerica to its rightful glory if your elected POTUS?

Thedillpickl Day 2,143, 16:34

Needs more Kelly.

I am intrigued by the candy cane states. Is this a sign that Christmas is coming or just that peppermints are popular right now? 😃

bakerinho Day 2,143, 22:23


Delyruin Day 2,143, 23:07

>we lost all the battles

Doesnt sound like victory....or 'resurgance'

changalangadingdong Day 2,144, 06:33

According to S.korean citizen " does it matter either to stay with CoT or not? does it matter to stay alone? does it matter which there is no where to go?" Actually, nothing makes it any different. funny thing is whether we stay CoT or not, we only get help from our old friends.....I am not a politician, so I do not
know whether eSK government did show up to CoT meeting or not. I need to tell "sc potato"
which "do it or act it when you say or promise." although, we left CoT, we will always be with our
long allies. Cheer with our allies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,144, 11:55


shiloh13 Day 2,144, 14:31

Fight back yeah right. We hardly do that now.
Div 4 has pretty much evaporated on our side.
And well our current CP who is he again?

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