Weapon Types

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Weapon types

There are 9 different weapon types in eRepublik, each one doing a different amount of damage. The amount of damage depends on your strength and your military rank, except with bazookas and rockets. There are formulas for working this out, but if you are like me and couldn’t be bothered actually doing all the sums and just want to know quickly what influence I will have with a certain weapon, I use a damage calculator

Although you don’t have to fight with weapons, the advantage is that you will rank up quicker and this also gives you an energy bar bonus afterwards. 10% of the damage you do per hit is used to calculate your rank gain per hit


This is the cheapest weapon available. Good for new players to use to boost their rank and knowledge of the game. Has only one use per weapon and does the 2nd least amount of damage (behind only fighting bare hands)


A versatile weapon, cheap and effective for new players to gain rank. Although more expensive than a Q1 weapon, they do slightly more damage. This weapon type has 2 uses per weapon


A low range weapon that is a modest price while doing modest damage. This is used by militaries and militias alike for cheap supply. Also used by coming of age new players who have gained knowledge of the game. This weapon type has 3 uses per weapon.


A medium hitting weapon. This weapon is used by mostly younger players when a Q5 isn’t available for use. It has only medium damage and is also a fairly cheap price range. This weapon has 4 uses per weapon


The lowest of tanks. This weapon gives you the the lowest damage you can do with a tank. It will give you twice the damage per hit if you used no weapon. This is the preferred choice for most younger players. New players should be able to afford this weapon regularly. This weapon has 5 uses per weapon


This is the mid range tank. This weapon gives you fairly heavy damage (2.2 times what you would hit with no weapon, so is a perfect choice if you are wanting to do great damage for a great price. New players may need to save up a little bit of currency to buy some of these tanks. It has 6 uses per weapon


The tank of tanks. This weapon is the prefered choice for high and medium ranked players. It deals a good deal more damage than a Q6 and a significant amount more than using no weapon at all (3 times more) Good for players wanting to deal the maximum amount of damage in a battle. Also good for players going for Battle Hero medals and an excellent way to rank up quickly.


The bazooka is a special weapon that kills your enemy with one hit. It cannot be bought, sold nor donated. Bazooka can be acquired by collecting bazooka parts from battlefield or by completing the daily order of your millitary unit. Sometimes bazooka parts are sold as Limited Time offers for 0.9 gold each. Citizens are required to have at least 150 strength in order to assemble a bazooka.

In order to create a bazooka, you need 5 different parts.

The 5 seperate parts needed to make a bazooka

Once you have at least one of each you can assemble the bazooka in your storage.

Using bazookas

Bazookas can be used just like normal weapons: you go to battlefield and you’ll see your bazooka at the weapon slot by default.

Features of bazooka

Since bazooka is a special weapon it also has some special features. When you use a bazooka your enemy will be killed with one hit. Every hit will deal exactly 10,000 points of influence and you will be rewarded with 1000 rank points.

Bazooka also has a durability of three strikes which means you can kill three enemies with one bazooka and thus deal 30,000 points of influence.

Bazooka Booster

Bazooka Booster in storage

Bazookas also have personal Damage Booster also known as a Bazooka Booster. Sometimes bazooka booster is sold as Limited Time Offer. Bazooka boosters allows you to inflict more damage depending on your division:

20000 — 1st division
30000 — 2nd division
40000 — 3rd division
50000 — 4th division


By owning a Rocket Factory you will be able to produce your own rockets that will give you more damage in a battle. In order to produce the rocket each day you will need a certain number of weapons Q1-Q6 and currency as production resources.

Rocket Damage Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Currency
50,000 10 10 10 10 10 10 100
250,000 25 25 25 25 25 25 250
500,000 50 50 50 50 50 50 500
1,000,000 100 100 100 100 100 100 1000
2,500,000 150 150 150 150 150 150 1500
Note: You cannot use weapons that are partially used

Rocket Properties

The damage will be added only to the battle damage and to the Battle Hero and Campaign Hero medal
No rank points are awarded
The damage is added to the True Patriot progress
The damage is added to the Top Damage

How to make a rocket

The new factory can be found in the Advanced Buildings page. They can be built in your Storage

In order to start the rocket production you will have to upgrade the building to level 1. The upgrade option is locked according to the division you are in, like in the table below. So, in order to have the option to upgrade it to the next level, you will have to level up from your current battle division:

Division Unlocks Cost
Division 1 only the Q1 10 GOLD
Division 2 unlocks the Q2 upgrade 30 GOLD
Division 3 unlocks the Q3 upgrade 70 GOLD
Division 4 unlocks the Q4 upgrade 170 GOLD
unlocks the Q5 upgrade 270 GOLD

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