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Day 1,959, 10:40 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Nyx Lynx

This is my favorite article ever, well not considering it’s just my second one and my first one sucked but for the fact that I get to campaign for my mentor SHIN GOUKI is what makes it my favorite!

Also before I continue, I would like to thank all of you for voting, subscribing and adding me as friend! I felt very welcomed and am happy to be here 🙂 The fact that you all took time to read is very encouraging indeed and motivates me to get more involved and write better…

Now I don’t need to rack my brains to write about Shin because I can pretty much write a book about him. But I shall be careful not to make this article tl;dr

You can judge from his article that he is a humble guy who thinks he is ordinary, but I believe that he is rather “special”.

1. One of the most endearing qualities about Shin both in RL and on erep is that he genuinely cares about people. He is honest and truly deserves our trust and support. With all of us united and each doing our bit, we can fortify our nation and make it very strong in little time.

2. He is very intelligent, creative, courageous and in RL is very business savvy and knows how to lead effectively. He is a true leader and also an inspiration.

3. He is also a shrewd negotiator and this quality is invaluable when it comes to international affairs.

4. He is also a brilliant strategist and knows what it takes to win the game. He also has sound decision making and reasoning skills that would help us in charting out tactics and strategy needed to move forward resourcefully.

5. Shin Gouki, according to me is best suited to represent our country in the e-world and make our nation proud. He also has the finesse and refinement to hold diplomatic talks in the big arena.

6. An added bonus is his terrific sense of humor and his remarkable writing skills.

If we support him and stand by him, he will lead us to success and greater glory.

Shin is a POWERHOUSE! C’mmon this is a no-brainer Just Vote for him lol

It is my humble and not-so-humble request to each one of you to VOTE SHIN GOUKI as the president of our country in the upcoming elections.

My Manifesto for MoMC:

I was delighted to be chosen for the post of MoMC by Shin. Now I know that in your mind you probably are going… “Oh but she is just a newbie!”

But give me a chance and I will surprise you 😉

If you give me your support and work along with me, we can make this place really lively and enjoyable for everyone. After all, we play this game to have fun 🙂

Shin understands my love for writing which is why he probably chose me for the job. His instructions were tacit and clear-cut.

1. Make the place more interactive and fun

2. Bridge the communication gap between players

3. Provide a platform for people to express their ideas and suggestions

4. Encourage newbies to participate and be more involved

5. Educate our countrymen regarding the affairs of the nation

The above set of goals might look a bit onerous at first, but if you think about it, is not hard to achieve if everyone contributes. I have faith in you that you will help me out to achieve the above set of goals.

I believe that media plays a very important role in boosting the morale of people and keep them motivated and inspired to be focused on our goal and achieve greatness.

Now, I have many ingenious ideas that I would absolutely love to implement but more importantly, I would love to hear your ideas on how we can make this place bustling with energy and full of life. Also, I love giving away prizes!!!

So if you would like to give me a chance and see me work on it, pretty please do vote for Shin Gouki.

-Nyx Lynx
( Shin Gouki’s cheerleader & Aspiring Media Tycoon 😛 )

Remember you have a grave responsibility as our country’s future depends on it. Choose wisely

SHIN for the WIN!



St0L3n1 Day 1,959, 10:58

You sure got some skills in writing \0/

Hail Shin Gouki
Hail Nyx Lynx
Pakistan Paind-a-Baad

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,959, 11:16

Thank you, that means a lot 🙂

Ahsan Day 1,959, 11:36


Saud maroof
Saud maroof Day 1,959, 14:27

he has selected the right person 4 the job
and congratz on ur 2 article

Saud maroof
Saud maroof Day 1,959, 14:27

4 shin and ur artcle

Hammad157 Day 1,959, 15:30

Well written and Well balanced article 🙂
P.S Will vote for Shin Gouki 😃

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,959, 19:00

\o/ thankyou for your kind words and thankyou for being by my side.

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,960, 00:02

Credit given where credit is due. I hope they realize you are the best for the job. And you are very welcome 🙂

Strywgr Day 1,959, 21:56

sada haq! aithay rakh!

ComKar Day 1,960, 00:03


Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,960, 00:06


ComKar Day 1,960, 00:07

I m enjoying this election very much

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,960, 02:00


Uzair J
Uzair J Day 1,960, 05:23

so no fake promises this time you know like I would give gold to every player I would donate all my supplies to citizens of ePakistan blah blah..😛

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,960, 08:01

It's all real deal lol

ComKar Day 1,961, 00:43

we will see.

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,960, 20:17


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