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Turkey soon WORLD ONLY SUPERPOWER! Plus World President Opinions

Day 1,593, 12:39 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Elnoor Asteros
Looking at the latest events, I realized a fact that probably everyone feels it already. There was once a saying that “World is Turk”, said as a joke, but which seems to gain image more and more.

The old superpowers, are carried in their behind by players with years of experience in this game, but which lost interest and look at the game not from a fun, creative way, but from a duty way. Some of them already renounced, others cannot stand the feeling of guilt, of abandoning the country and still fly around.

“That simply - to me - isn't the way you manage a game. I'm not here to share my cynical attitude towards this game, but my view on how destroyed this once masterpiece is. The veterans - all gone. The majestic players - their accounts sold. You make me feel like I'm playing a game that has more or less lost its beat. Just one click and it's all gone, but I guess I'm still not - yet - doing it. I like to write articles, they make me feel like part of this game, and I still hope, hope for better days, hope for long forgotten places in our minds when once dominance and brilliance ruled this game. I hope for things once discovered and then yet again forgotten” Ice Killa, Slovenia

The words written by Ice Killa, explain the best how the old players left, and what motivation had others to remain. But, this is not the game I knew anymore for me too. Once I was able to use so much creativity, that I even invented my own administrative system of a country. But that was possible only because people we’re interested to see to what extents they can develop something imaginary. This is dead now everywhere in the world, except one place that defies all rules, and fights to keep this game alive.

We all knew that Turkey was the only country that didn’t like the old same fights, EDEN vs ONE. So their leaders decided to stir up a little the energy in the world, by creating a totally new conflict. The old Bulgaria-Turkey conflict was just a cover-up for the real fight. The real fight it is between Bulgaria and Greece, and of course from here Bulgaria-Romania and Bulgaria-Croatia.

By planting the seed of hate, into people, chaos grown big and a new WORLD WAR has started.

But, again let’s look at the big picture, there is a country that rides the waves of the new world war, and brings thousands of new players into the e-world, daily. This country is the same country that started up this war that invented it from scratch.

You may think that resources are the most important thing when you fight a war. You cannot be more wrong. You forget who the king in here is, and who the pion is. The king is the everyday player which gives time out of his real-life to invest in this game. And Turkish leaders seen this opportunity and used it for their advantage. Resources come and go, but citizens once settled may never leave.

“Of the 10 articles, on the first page of the American Top News page, only 3 of them have anything to do with America. Now, that isn’t a huge problem in of itself. We’re a tolerant group of people, and should have no problems with foreign media. But, when 70% of the articles have nothing to do with the country, it does create a problem for new players. When there are articles in Bulgarian, and Turkish in the top section of the media, it can be hard for a new player to truly grasp what is going on. How can a new citizen learn anything, when only 30% of the articles are even remotely related to the United States?
Is 100/100 really worth it? We place ourselves in jeopardy every day, as more and more people come to our country for economic reasons. We’ve already seen China close their borders, in an attempt to regulate the flow of immigrants. America will always be a target of PTOers, that’s just how it is. But adding in 100/100 does not make defending the nation any easier.”
Israel Stevens, USA

From these lines, written by second-in-presidential-elections, Israel Stevens, we see the bad effects of having 100% resources. Their own community is affected by the in-flow of immigrants, and this can have effects on long-term because it affects their own source of life, American newcomers.

Again we can see, why Turkey decided to renounce on having 100% resources for the sake of getting newcomers, and protecting them from refuges of other countries.

“Source of Babyboom:

For those who are curious about our new babyboom, I will give you two article links that published in the last two days:

"Haber" means "news" in Turkish and is the third biggest newspaper site, also in Alexa ranks as 12th site in Turkey. So there is nothing strange about it.”
Tjutg Simzb, Turkey



1. What is x-country stance regarding Bulgaria-Turkey? /What are your future plans?
2. What do you think about the future of your alliance? /What countries are most close to yours?
3. Would your country consider forming a new alliance in the future? /What countries you will hate to have in the same alliance?
4. Anything to say to the world???

Slovakia President, The Dentist

1. “bulgaria was for eden only a puppet, they are closer nation to slovak then turkey so we will support them in all their fights”/” Get more people, babyboom”
2. “future looks very good 🙂 worse is behind us”/” Poland, hungary, macedonia, austria...”
3. “no, we are already in new formed alliance- EPIC”/” Romania”
4. ” Hail eSlovakia, ONE, EPIC”

Ireland President, ChewchewShoe
1. “Bulgaria are our brothers, we will stand with them through thick and through thin, never shall we compromise our friendship with Bulgaria.”
2. “EDEN is pretty much dead, lately I have been disrespected by EDEN, and even expelled by EDEN channels, for expressing my opinion.”
3. “Yes, we most certainly are, unless EDEN changes NOW we will move onwards. EDEN has been good to us in the past, but now they're neglecting and ignoring us.”

Finland President, Koze

1. “We were supporting Bulgaria in this matter. Sorry that they left and we hope they will stay pro-eden also in the future.”
2. “There has been a lot of things going on in EDEN, but I hope we can solve these out and be in a solid brotherhood also in the future.”
3. “If there will be negotiations about new alliances, I would like to know about them. But for now, we are happy to stay in EDEN and hopefully it stays strong.”

Belarus President, EurokrX

1. “I'm sorry.
You set a very important questions. I am not prepared to answer them. And as president. And as a citizen. "Мы сосредоточиваемся" (С)”

Republic of Moldavia President, Gringo

1. “with eTurkey and eBulgaria we don't have a special retions..Posible to close we are with eTurkey because we have some our citizens with turkish citirenschip and can more easy to speak with turkish oficials..But special relations we don't have”
2. “eMoldova in this game have a "big" brother eRomania..but we are a small country to enter in EDEN with full rights..but we will try to do this in time..”
3. “Position of eMoldova depend of our neighbors for first of eRomania.. to be opponents with eRomania for first is not right and nothing for us to win from this..”
4. “We are a independent country but we need a strong friend and better how eRomania we don't have in this game how and in RL..”

Cyprus President, Andrei Lebowski

1. “The majority of Cyprus is consisted by Inci players which is mainly an anarchist Turkish group. And there's also about %25 percent of real cypriots and leftist Greeks in the island. So actually many people doesnt care also even they're fighting alongside with bulgaria. This article may explain the idea of ours:
2. “TERRA and its member countries have much more different understanding union than other alliences therefore I dont think terra would be trapped into this kind of dilemma like EDEN alliance.”
3. “We have really tight bonds with USA and Brazil considering the INCI factor. And also with Turkey and Greece as natural real bonds. But we would choose USA in any case of forming new alliance.”
4. “Thank you and hope you got your first MM medal soon 🙂

Spain President, Superi

1. Get the top1 in Erepublik

2. I think that Serbia and Macedonia, but the other allies in ONE are really good friends too.

3. Maybe Turkey , i dont like the cheaters

4. Hail AUROCH!

Montenegro President, ScoLle

1. Delete eBiH
2. eSerbia, eMacedonia....
3. ...
4. Hail Motenegro \o/

South Korea President, Kor_Sohn

1. Independence !! And become a strong country that nobody can covet.
2. eSerbia, eMacedonia, eNewZealand, eIndonesia, and other countries over the world.

3. eRomania, we hate PTOers

4. Hail eSouth Korea !!

Saudi Arabia President, SteveUrkel51

4.Hail eSaudi o/

Austria President, AliasSun

1. stabilitate politica in regiune/regional stability
2. Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia
3. ...
4. cine trece valea seaca...

Japan President, Chise E.Tamai

1. “I would say most of our citizens are neutral; the Bulgaria Turkey conflict had not yet have any direct influence on us, and eJapan itself doesn't have much power or energy to get itself into more conflicts. Personally, I lean towards to - well, not really Turkey or Bulgaria, but Croatia, as Croatians had been pretty helpful in trying to bring peace to Japan with Taiwan”
2. “I hope it stays stable, because eJapan can afford no more conflict.”
3. “"Joining" a new alliance maybe possible depending on who's in, as eJapan is constantly seeking for friendship, as long as it does not cause more problem with us with Taiwan. "Forming" is not in consideration now.”

Lithuania President, Dariukas

1. Well, for now we seek to help our allies becouse there are no treaths to us directly. So now we can focus on allie battles. For instance Estonia - Finland.
2. Our closest friends are Latvia and Estonia. But I must allso mention most of the ONE countries.
3. Hard question. I suppose I would hate to have all neighboring states in same alliance, becouse that way we wouldn`t have who to attack.
4. I wish you and whole world lots of fun playing this game!

Bosnia President, Alija Ali ibn Abi Talib

1. I support Turkey 100%

2. EDEN is dead

3. If you ask me i would

4. Greet more wars i sell my arms

Indonesia President, Kambink Pemburu

1. We are ready to help Bulgaria in their war against Turkey.. that is the consequence of us signing MPP, and it is our effort to increase the friendship between our country.

2. It will remain strong, and keep on growing in strength.. we had our bad times before, but we successfully endured it,, and we are now ready to give EDEN what they deserve 🙂

3. No, we are still content in ONE and are fully motivated to keep on increasing our contribution to the alliance

I wish to thank to all the presidents that had a little time for me, and for the rest of them, I hope next time you will give a chance for my questions. Of course, you are welcomed to respond to them in the comments.

Elnoor Asteros
Vote, Sub and Comment please! Let’s support the creativity in this game together!

Chinese Version of the Article
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PS. Local News Republic of Moldavia
As you know, in polish congress, a law proposal was subjected to vote, which giving Republic of Moldova a "natural enemy" status. This law proposal is result of goverment mistake and it was immediately corrected. It was supported by many congress members, but we decided to take another military steps, therefore this law will be rejected.

We would like to apologize to the allies for the incident, which provoked a violent reaction, especially the Macedonians and Bulgarians, who have to deal with the attack Greece and Romania.

Obviously, Congress Members has got an official, last instruction to vote NO. Furthermore, we kindly ask you not to blame our Congress Members, because they have discharged their duties as well as they could. Our mistake will be soon redressed by devastating attack on Romania in order to help our Macedonian, Bulgarian and Hungarian friends to get rid of them.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Don Pedrokus Nerod
Don Pedrokus Nerod Day 1,593, 12:50


Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Day 1,593, 13:01

boring... to long article...

BTW this is your 3rd account no?

Nice job... "player" 😁

cnsfrd Day 1,593, 13:05

good article...
a new perspectif...

Elnoor Asteros Day 1,593, 13:05

Comment deleted

zincumyum Day 1,593, 13:14


suat kurt
suat kurt Day 1,593, 13:25

v+s and also I am a newcomer for Turkey 😃

BladeGT Day 1,593, 13:39


direct x
direct x Day 1,593, 13:41

V+S Elnoor. continua. e al dracului de greu sa ceri pareri la o caruta de oameni si sa le sumarirezi ca sa-i placa lui TV. Eu oricum te citesc cu placere de la prima litera pana la ultima a articolului.

FreeEnough Day 1,593, 15:01

Girngo? WTF?

Bun articol 😉 Moldoveanul cu voce internationala. Bravo,
EPIC? Pe asta nu am auzit-o

ScoLLe Day 1,593, 15:20


supercar Day 1,594, 02:28


supercar Day 1,594, 02:31

herkes akıllı olsun !!!

NoPanig Day 1,594, 02:34

Whole world hates us, but They can't effort to win xD

thus spoke god
thus spoke god Day 1,594, 02:34

cCc world is Turk cCc

ttt failusino will be Turk ttt

irfanakinn Day 1,594, 02:44


Geyikli Baba
Geyikli Baba Day 1,594, 03:00


Emrahyilmaz Day 1,594, 03:12


jason gideon
jason gideon Day 1,594, 03:13


KEAVER Day 1,594, 03:53


smirnofftoi Day 1,594, 04:08


guroZR Day 1,594, 04:22

3. Maybe Turkey , i dont like the cheaters

Spain president must ask to durruti (cheaters) ocları

DANl1640 Day 1,594, 04:25

soon you will need world only superdealer to sustain your delusion

e1453 Day 1,594, 04:54

CcC World is Turk CcC

RUDSAINT Day 1,594, 04:58


Vote Alert
Vote Alert Day 1,594, 05:05

bu makaleden sonra tanrı kompleksine girilir..
god complex 🙁

Perfect.Knight Day 1,594, 05:06

i don't get the reason behind this article..

nightmare2323 Day 1,594, 05:29

v177 & s228

TheKnight Rider
TheKnight Rider Day 1,594, 05:31


blkc Day 1,594, 05:35

çok uzun okuyamadım x(

oglia.dendroglia Day 1,594, 05:53

eBosnia and Hezegovina president was impeached at the start, he does not represent our country, fail !

Ahmet Tolga Koc
Ahmet Tolga Koc Day 1,594, 05:55

voted&subbed nice article

Jicaka Day 1,594, 06:42


potnick Day 1,594, 06:51


Ardianta Jaka Prabawa
Ardianta Jaka Prabawa Day 1,594, 06:56


kambink di kasih bawah sendiri

huzursuz bacak
huzursuz bacak Day 1,594, 07:30

v+s nice article.

by the way,

CcC World is Turk CcC

Superi Day 1,594, 08:30


delihan Day 1,594, 11:12

sanırım bizim için iyi şeyler yazıor 😃

Jahwarawarman Day 1,594, 11:59


rationreyiz Day 1,594, 13:28

ne diyor bu biri tercume etsin 😃

EmparioZ Day 1,594, 13:28

well written
good job

Elucidator Day 1,594, 13:29


ottomanpasha Day 1,594, 14:53

cCc world is Turk cCc

nice article vs

Envagyok0223 Day 1,594, 17:34

you wrote in a kind way.

marcovermars Day 1,594, 23:20

Tehlikenin farkında msınız?
cCc World is Turk cCc
nice article

Buharin Day 1,594, 23:24

büyük resim v+s

Mr.TurK Day 1,595, 00:17


BearCare Day 1,595, 00:21

nice article indeed 🙂

N e x F o X
N e x F o X Day 1,595, 00:26

cCc World is Turk cCc

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