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Top 10 Diseases in the Philippines

Day 770, 20:04 Published in Philippines Philippines by roymustang
This is another one of my "the top ten" articles. Seeing many voted for the past one.

Every time you see the sign "(?)" it means that the translation/definition/sentence is inaccurate/wrong/just a joke/made-up. Do not take it seriously (?)

Top Ten Diseases in the Philippines

-This holds not just the deadly and/or contagious diseases but also those that are, uh, quite famous. And by that I mean, you would regularly see it/experience it. Also these diseases could be physical or mental.

10. "oh my" disease (?)

-This one is famous in the Philippines. "oh my" disease is classified as: A disease wherein it involves your stomach and mental health while eating (?). Most carriers of these diseases are foods that are too sweet and/or the amount/size of the food is too much for you. In simple words, you got yourself overwhelmed by the food.

9. biglang tiyan/surprised stomach (?)

-They say that when you let gluttony take over you while eating, you might experience this (?). This usually happens when you eat something that you don't usually eat, that results to an unexperienced digestive system (to that food) to malfunction (?).

8. Burns

-I don't what's happening but I just noticed something, every time the government announces in March that it is the Fire Prevention Month, fires would suddenly happen often. I don't know if it's because of the sun growing hotter (due to global warming/summer is nearing/summer solstice) and that grows the fire rate during that month or some other reason. Anyway, thus with fire comes burns.

7. Minor Injuries

-Very often, all year round, 24/7 (not to mention painful). That makes it into #7.

6. Broken Bones

-Do I still need to explain this?

5. Animal/Insect-inflicted Injuries

-It can be through venom/poison of a snake, putakte/hornet, bees, etc. Or it could be rabies from a bite/open wound (usually cuts) that got licked/got contact with the saliva of a dog or cat. It could also be that you got scratched, chased,etc........

4. Addiction

-Either computer, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or other already know this.

3. Cancer

-Usually from too much alcohol or tobacco (here in Philippines).

2. Loose Bowel Movement (LBM)

-Yep, LBM is ranked #2. Why? Because it is really annoying, irritating, a lot of time wasted, etc.....

1. Dengue

-Here in Philippines it is the most deadly disease that we are fighting. Usually affects the youth and kills more than LBM, that's a fact (?).

Sincerely yours,

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JJ Summit
JJ Summit Day 771, 23:46


Swagger McSwag
Swagger McSwag Day 771, 01:37


Dude, what are you talking about? hahaha

roymustang Day 771, 02:25

@Ariel, (?)

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BisRock Industries Day 771, 06:13


Slothen Day 771, 08:06

Just brilliant!

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EZEX Lacroa Day 771, 16:07


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