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Tiacha Talks Fed History

Day 1,794, 20:27 Published in USA USA by Kara Zor El

Earlier this evening, Tiacha related her experiences and recollections of her earliest times with the Feds in #fedpartychat. Here, is an edited version w/o all the extraneous comments and bot speak.

[20:00] tiacha today i will be going over the early history of the feds, from our inception til the first reign of fingerguns
[20:01] tiacha the party was formed after the september 2008 congressional election right after v1 began
[20:02] tiacha rise, and his faction withing the erep for change party (RFC) had a falling out with the big time conservative leader of the time, Desertfalcon
[20:02] tiacha the rfc later became the conservative party which later was attempted pto by ajay bruno in the middle of 2009
[20:02] tiacha but thats another story
[20:02] tiacha that was his first pto attempt
[20:03] tiacha but anyway, there was a disagreement between desertfalcon and rise not only on the party platform but over who would run in what state
[20:03] tiacha this disagreement cause the faction lead by rise to split from the RFC and form the Federalist Party
[20:04] tiacha The group was orginally Rise, Alby (1gold=1usd), Logomaster, Kole, and Voltaire
[20:04] eliwood_sain THE GREAT PROFIT!!!
[20:04] tiacha I joined the group a few days after, when i got fed up with uswp politics
[20:05] DuncanC Wait, 1gold=1usd was real?!?
[20:05] eliwood_sain not really
[20:05] eliwood_sain it was just his big theory and the goal for the US
[20:05] Bristel_Akina It was a long-running joke for our finance plans in the eUS
[20:05] tiacha few references to the situation at the time here
[20:05] tiacha
[20:05] tiacha
[20:06] tiacha But anyway, we were a small group, maybe 10 of us at the time
[20:06] tiacha we started a little forum
[20:06] tiacha which i think still exists if you google it
[20:06] tiacha "federalist party" and "erepublik"
[20:07] tiacha we didn't really organize until the november election though
[20:07] tiacha me and logomaster and billy flemming were the first three running
[20:07] tiacha they didn't campaign much, but I did.
[20:08] tiacha I ran in ohio that month, but I pretty much had to scramble to run there
[20:08] tiacha we didnt know then that 6th parties couldnt run candidates
[20:08] tiacha so i had to beg UIP (United Independent Party) leaders to run our people
[20:08] fingerguns so newb
[20:09] tiacha luckily, billy and logo were friends with justious so we got to run
[20:09] eliwood_sain is that where the beginnings of the SexyLulz campaign came from?
[20:09] tiacha anyway, i was running against gobucks, a big uswp guy, and a mayor of ohio from beta
[20:10] fingerguns herp derp we can't run candidates as a 6th party, i love it
[20:10] eliwood_sain oh GoBucks. I remember him. He was nice...
[20:10] tiacha he was well known, and had the uswp bigwig at the time
[20:10] tiacha it was really an uphill battle because there was actually still state politics back then
[20:10] tiacha left over from mayors in beta
[20:11] tiacha i was running against my rl friend, royaman, another beta columbus mayor too
[20:11] Paul_Proteus feels like a noob now
[20:11] tiacha basically, it was a tight race all day, but my election was one of the first cases of multi use in v1
[20:12] tiacha gobucks didnt use multies, but one of his supporters did
[20:12] tiacha it added a lot of drama to the election, but it was only the start of the drama for the day
[20:12] tiacha the election ended in a tie
[20:13] tiacha i had one more exp than gobucks so i should have won
[20:13] tiacha but due to an admin bug (so many then), gobucks did
[20:13] tiacha well the feds went out in force then
[20:13] tiacha bitching
[20:13] tiacha me, billy, logo, alby
[20:13] tiacha finally the admins overturned it
[20:13] eliwood_sain Beginnings of butthole hater trolls?
[20:14] tiacha but the trolling between us and the uswp started the hatred of the uswp by all other parties at the time
[20:14] tiacha which would influence national politics for the next few months
[20:14] tiacha but i was the first elected fed congressperson in history, nov 2008
[20:14] Kara tiacha: do you remember how many votes the tie was at?
[20:15] tiacha it was a great success for us at the time. 9-9 i believe kara
[20:15] tiacha we mobilized as a party, and really was the beginning of the mobile voting process for parties
[20:15] tiacha we became so good at it in the coming months
[20:16] tiacha and it put our party on the map
[20:16] tiacha i dont think we would have surprised if we didnt have that small victory that month
[20:16] tiacha i was ridiculed for a lot of my beliefs in congress that month, mostly my vote against our involvement in the war in france
[20:16] tiacha i thought it would drain our resources
[20:17] tiacha but back then, there were NO wars in the eus
[20:17] tiacha no mpps to really get us fighting anywhere
[20:17] tiacha it was a politics game, or you were a marine to fight in balkins wars
[20:17] tiacha but it changed that month with the war
[20:18] tiacha people didnt agree with my vote, but they respected me, and our party
[20:18] tiacha i kinda got sick of it after a month and took a break from congress
[20:18] tiacha but then dec-jan 09 we had another challenge as a party
[20:19] tiacha logomaster, our pp at the time, was approached by kyle321n about merging with the nationalist party
[20:19] tiacha he came to us because he thought that together we'd have a better chance of getting into the top 5
[20:20] tiacha because they had more people at the time, we would have used their party name and structure
[20:20] tiacha everyone in the party voted to do it except me
[20:20] tiacha i fought hard, real hard, and finally convinced people that we could do it on our own
[20:20] tiacha and i won the argument
[20:21] tiacha we would have been the nationalist party now if i didnt win that arguement
[20:21] tiacha because of the backlash and because he was burned out, logo resigned as PP
[20:21] tiacha I took over PP for the rest of the month
[20:22] tiacha I made sure we were in line and ready to run our candidates again in feb, but didnt hold onto the pp long because i started my first stint as a marines
[20:22] tiacha we had to be mobile then, so i turned over leadership to Alby
[20:23] tiacha we came back with awesomeness in Feb 09 with 4 candidates elected, myself, gilroy, bill brasky and gaius julius
[20:23] tiacha it was a glorious day and a trust show of our organization
[20:24] eliwood_sain I miss all of those people. I don't remember Gilroy so much, but I do the others
[20:24] tiacha around then, we implemented the political director position under gilroy
[20:24] tiacha gilroy was a srs business guy
[20:24] tiacha he was an organizer and didn't stand down to the uswp
[20:24] tiacha our rivals at the time
[20:25] tiacha he, alby, and myself really held the party together until gaius took over as PP
[20:26] tiacha we really started kicking butt around then, cause in feb 09 i was nominated for speaker
[20:26] tiacha we had an alliance with the cvp, uip, etc at the time
[20:27] tiacha but kyle, who ran against me, had the uswp in his pocket
[20:27] tiacha it was funny because he grew to hate them
[20:27] tiacha but he used them to his advantage at the time
[20:27] tiacha it was a decent race, but he won
[20:28] tiacha but he had to give the feds big political favors in order for him to get stuff through with our block
[20:28] tiacha we ended up winning a lot of congressional chairs, brasky, gaius and i, when he created committees in order to compensate
[20:29] tiacha but after the impeachment of uncle sam, when scrabman took power, partisanship really changed us as a nation
[20:29] tiacha the other parties realized that unless they united, no one could defeat the uswp
[20:29] fingerguns is still not alive at this point
[20:29] Stingerscrabman \o/
[20:29] eliwood_sain I'm alive, but I haven't been around too long
[20:30] tiacha we created a conservative coalition, which really was not that, but an alliance of the parties against the uswp
[20:30] tiacha we created the iccr (independent congressional review ratings) in order to legitimize our alliance
[20:30] tiacha it basically was a huge endorsement list
[20:31] eliwood_sain didn't Rhinelander work with those?
[20:31] tiacha if you were not on the list at that time, you almost all of the time lost
[20:31] tiacha later on he did, eli, but it was really a baby of me, princessmedipi, kyle, and jewitt
[20:31] tiacha we included a uswp rep on the selection committee each month
[20:32] tiacha but they were almost always outnumbered
[20:32] tiacha the partisanship, even though scrabman tried to keep the uswp out of it, was only intensified with ananis' 50 state plan on april 09
[20:33] tiacha that was his glorious plan to run and elect a USWPer in EVERY State
[20:33] tiacha scrabber promised id be safe to run there despite what ananias said
[20:34] tiacha but lowell kennedy thought otherwise
[20:34] tiacha he was just a big uswp prick, but most people liked him
[20:34] tiacha but i was scrabs COS at the time
[20:35] tiacha after i found out lowell was running uswp, i figured i wouldnt have a chance with the uswp machine behind him and zombie voters
[20:35] tiacha so i resigned as cos and from congress cause scrab and ananias lied to me
[20:35] tiacha which lead to a HUGE backlash against the uswp then
[20:36] tiacha claire littleton was becoming a big deal back then
[20:36] tiacha she was orginally uip then lib
[20:37] tiacha she was my friend and as cos i made her our first media director in history
[20:37] Stinger except really scrabman did that
[20:37] tiacha she created the newspaper the department of media uses today all cause i told scrabber to do it
[20:37] Stinger psh
[20:37] Stinger psh
[20:37] Stinger psh
[20:37] tiacha gave her the money
[20:37] Stinger rewriting history in this bitch
[20:38] tiacha whatever
[20:38] eliwood_sain Stinger can do his history night some other time
[20:38] tiacha scrabber wouldnt have made her media secretary if it wasnt for me
[20:38] tiacha and they made the newspaper cause they didnt want her paper getting votes
[20:38] tiacha in case she ever left
[20:38] tiacha anyway
[20:39] tiacha point is we were friends, she was pissed over what lowell did
[20:39] tiacha and ran a sucessful revenge campaign and stomped his face in
[20:39] tiacha I left for the marines after that
[20:39] tiacha also a side note about this time, was the feds were bffs with the UIP
[20:40] tiacha Princessmedypi and i ran an attempt for president/vp in april 09
[20:40] eliwood_sain I remember that...
[20:40] tiacha it was the sexy/lulz campaign
[20:40] tiacha in which Mel ran with pics of just her in a corset
[20:40] tiacha it was quite, well, just mel
[20:41] tiacha but we lost due to a crowded field
[20:41] tiacha jj/scrab/mel/kyle ran that month
[20:42] tiacha but that was pretty much the major history up until fg became pp
[20:42] tiacha stinger ran against fg that month
[20:42] tiacha got sad he lost to fg
[20:42] Stinger I'll edit this to actually be accurate, historically
[20:42] tiacha slaps stinger



5440 Day 1,794, 20:31


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,794, 20:37


Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,794, 20:40

Voted, great that this was put up


Malovent Day 1,794, 20:42

Voted, very nice article!

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,794, 21:02


Candor Day 1,794, 21:21

Voted, good read. I believe!

MazzyCat Day 1,794, 21:23

Meow 🙂

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Day 1,794, 21:32

I read this article.
It was all about the Feds and some other old stuff.
Good luck in eRep.

bigcdizzle Day 1,794, 21:50

This was really pretty awesome.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,795, 02:05

Tiacha is sexy.

stewy Day 1,795, 06:05

ah, stuff before i was eborn.. nice

fingerguns Day 1,795, 07:51

As a boss-level Fed, I was surprised there was soooo much in here I had never heard before.

It's awesome to know your history, but players shouldn't shy away from the opportunity to make something new. I started at the end of March '09 and was PP by June.

I love the sandbox.

Thanks for sharing all of this, Tiacha!!! And thanks for posting it KB!

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 1,795, 08:01

Great...but this just touches the tip of the iceberg there is so much that happened afterwards that still needs to be talked about.

I enjoyed the memories.

Tiacha Day 1,795, 11:46

@ Talio: I hope to dig into more in the coming weeks. If I didn't cut it off at one point in time, it would go on forever.

BugsBunnyz Day 1,795, 14:56

tl;dr x2

kirintaimu Day 1,795, 21:18

Nice. vs

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 1,795, 21:20

Almost all of that... nothing but flashbacks.

Jamarcus Day 1,796, 13:23

Seems like it was just yesterday.

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