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There was an attempt

Day 3,487, 03:43 Published in Slovakia Hungary by Swoosh.

After I saw this interesting document on the CP vote count through the years, I thought I would check out the numbers after the baby boom (Egypt for example) to see what is up. Well it is not up. It is down.

They tried to make some advertisement. It worked for a while. Now the numbers are catching up with reality.



Jordic69 Day 3,487, 03:46

We have said it a lot of times and they know it. Problem is not attraction but retention.

Prophet009 Day 3,487, 03:48

For how long we can do same and the same all over again 😉
Number of users will be dropping wheter we like it or not

Zordacz Day 3,487, 04:03

Their FB campaign was supposed to raise artificially the player count, while Bonte was negotiating the deal with Stillfront.

Swoosh. Day 3,487, 04:21

Yeah that might make sense

Murlockij Day 3,487, 05:07

Jaja, manipulálják a számokat, gondolom minden negyedévben, jelentések előtt, rendszeresen tízezer számra támadnak fel a halottak.

És most Zordacz-nak igaza van, a Stillfront miatt találták ki ezt az egész FB reklámos dolgot, hogy több pénzt kapjanak.

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Day 3,487, 06:45

It was not advertising. It was artificial boost with bots, fake accounts, and multi-accounts, to show higher player base so that the stupid owners scam the buyers and get more money for their dead game.

Swoosh. Day 3,487, 07:11

Comment deleted

Swoosh. Day 3,487, 07:12

In my (linked) article, I have facebook ads linked. Those are ads, that someone payed for

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Day 3,487, 07:20

I don't have FB so I can't comment. I am not saying they didn't do ads, but the PREDOMINANT portion of these new accounts were fake. You could see it in the last couple of weeks. Also a huge number of new accounts but the same severely low number of online users... And, as you show with the graphic, election votes - which is the only meaningful metric for number of active players.

Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,487, 08:11

Interesting, voted!

Joz76 Day 3,487, 08:17

Its your link. Based on this, i think the active players much less than 75k, rather about 10k.

Swoosh. Day 3,487, 08:22

we don't know what they count for that number

i have seen users that are not marked "dead" and are 5+ year old accounts ...

Joz76 Day 3,487, 08:41

I'm 8+ year old acc, and I'm not marked "death". I hope 🙂
In erep the death are not permanent, if not play an acc some months, go to death. BUT! 2 years later log in, and voila, the death character revives 🙂

Demonaire Day 3,487, 08:38

Wow, the lack of new missions has really affected you. XD

Swoosh. Day 3,487, 09:22

That. And also getting bored

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