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Brace yourself, babies are coming.

Day 3,422, 01:07 Published in Slovakia Hungary by Swoosh.

The last 60 days, there were ~ 30 000 new users registered.
Some say multies, but this is too much to be (all) multies.
That is a LOT. And it seems like climbing.

Here are a few links to some facebook ads:

Note: the data used is from Community / My Country / Society / Active Citizens / World

And now, the numbers:

The countries with the most people:

I have seen baby-booms before, I know, that they don't stay and play all of them. In Hungary, some times ago, we have seen something like this, a facebook baby-boom, and only 1-2% of them were here a bit later. But, since then, we have the Air module! Might be different this time.

The users with name like "citizen 5463875" are coming through facebook, from what I heard, it is a way to make their registration easier, and I am pretty sure they can change it easily.

Anyways, this "fresh blood" should help the game, overall. Are the new ones helped? Is there a good system in these countries that they can use?




Swoosh. Day 3,422, 01:08

Comment deleted

Swoosh. Day 3,422, 01:08

Comment deleted

Swoosh. Day 3,422, 01:08

Brace yourself, babies are coming.

JNJK92 Day 3,422, 01:16

"Zombies are coming!"

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 3,422, 01:23

A few will stay, fix economy 🙁

Bombay bomb
Bombay bomb Day 3,422, 01:29

I got both BH medals in a battle! 🙂

I'm ready for babies, bring them on!

pammaxoc Day 3,422, 01:37

14 days ago i requested a mentor program for new players in Egypt from admins.I also gave them a list with 5 mentors like they asked me.Up until the mentor program haven't started yet and new players abandon the game cause they don't know what to do.Up until now admins haven't even replied to me what is going on with the mentor program...
So my question is why u advertise something that u can't support?

Swoosh. Day 3,422, 02:03

makes sense

Flying Cangaroo
Flying Cangaroo Day 3,422, 03:41

roman-magyar nincsen?

Swoosh. Day 3,422, 04:24

a top 10-ben ?
azt kerdezed?

nincs egyik sem 🙂

Flying Cangaroo
Flying Cangaroo Day 3,422, 04:43

nem, hanem facebook kampanyra gondoltam, hogy arrol van-e link

Swoosh. Day 3,422, 04:56

nem tudok olyant

lubicka Day 3,427, 10:30

Magyar volt március elsejétől kb. a hónap végéig, azért csökken most napi 25-30-cal a népesség naponta.

The Patriot of EU
The Patriot of EU Day 3,422, 04:57

Multies created by a bot, presumably using a botnet.

Created for the purpose of adding CC into the game.

Alternatively, admin-created accounts created to add CC into the game and pretend it's not their fault.

Alternatively, eRepublik is popular in Egypt

Archfeldspar Day 3,422, 06:34

Dead cat bounce. The economy is still very busted and the simple V1 is now V2 with zero new player retention.

Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,422, 16:52

Let's see what will happen, but with the current situation probably these guys will not be in the game for too long...

vladb Day 3,423, 02:13

The wars presented in the posts are funny 🙂

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