Brace yourself, babies are coming.

Day 3,422, 01:07 Published in Slovakia Hungary by Swoosh.

The last 60 days, there were ~ 30 000 new users registered.
Some say multies, but this is too much to be (all) multies.
That is a LOT. And it seems like climbing.

Here are a few links to some facebook ads:

Note: the data used is from Community / My Country / Society / Active Citizens / World

And now, the numbers:

The countries with the most people:

I have seen baby-booms before, I know, that they don't stay and play all of them. In Hungary, some times ago, we have seen something like this, a facebook baby-boom, and only 1-2% of them were here a bit later. But, since then, we have the Air module! Might be different this time.

The users with name like "citizen 5463875" are coming through facebook, from what I heard, it is a way to make their registration easier, and I am pretty sure they can change it easily.

Anyways, this "fresh blood" should help the game, overall. Are the new ones helped? Is there a good system in these countries that they can use?