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THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE - eRepublikans stike back

Day 1,688, 09:17 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1688

Dear eRepublikans,

We all know this game is ruined, but can't stop thinking about how we can fix it. After all, we all have great moments here, and it's not easy just to give up... remember my serial "Save eWorld economy" ?! That serial was reasonable and argumented group of proposals, but this time i have something different on my mind.

Today's problem with servers was one of the reasons for me to send ticket. All of you must agree with me that Admins owe us...a lot !!! So i propose them challenge...after all this is just a game, so let's play game.

I can't put pic of ticket cuz it's forbiden, but i'll give you full transcript of that ticket.

Hanibal LA Posted On: 04 Jul 2012 12:29 PM

Dear Admins,

im thinking for a while, how finaly we can fix this economy. PRoblems are huge and your short-time actions dont give any succes.

So, this is what i tought. We have a lot of cc, and you have unlimited amount of GOLD. This game needs that GOLD or game and all of us are gonna be dead. Almost 1k accounts are sold or left for good last 3 months. Players are bored...

I'll try to collect...hmmm..10M cc...sounds good ?! if i succeed, let us buy that GOLD from you !!!

After all, you owe us this !!! It would be fair, after all this daily problems and bugs, to give us chance to use game mehanics to fix this game on our own way...

We gave you plenty of opportunities to fix this game, and today, we can say just this. YOUR WAY SUCKS !!! So let us try our own way !!!

Regards !!!

Bogdan D. Posted On: 04 Jul 2012 12:55 PM

Dear Hanibal,

We receive tens of tickets with suggestions each day and we gather them all, we analyze them and if some of the are great we implement them. But we cannot offer you an answer right now for your suggestion, we need to read it carefully and debate it!

Your eRepublik team

This is not whole conversation. It was much longer, but that's not impotrant right now.

Thing i'm asking from you is to support this (if you like) and push article, so other players can meet this idea. My voice, single voice is not enough to achieve this. I need your help, and who knows, maybe we succeed.


For shout:
THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE - eRepublikans stike back

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If you want to advertise yourself in my newspaper pls fill this form and you will get all info.



dzindzer Day 1,688, 09:23


ZeneFallX Day 1,688, 09:27


Hanibal S2

Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,688, 09:29


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,688, 09:30

Dzindzer is my new bitch \o/ sry Rizon...2late 😛

cc1432 Day 1,688, 09:32

We support SinglePlayer Erep!

Cara de Gato
Cara de Gato Day 1,688, 09:34


Willy Gray
Willy Gray Day 1,688, 09:34

Is it wrong this article gave me a boner?

kuckuck Day 1,688, 09:35


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,688, 09:38

@Willy Gray true reason why i wrote this !! In sexuality we trust \o/

Don Milli
Don Milli Day 1,688, 09:47

Hanibal još samo kad bih razumeo šta si napisao možda bi ti i pomogao ; )
A google translator kaže : Error file not found ; )

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,688, 09:47


jaywalker71 Day 1,688, 09:55

For some reason I'm thinking of Saw.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,688, 09:56

"We receive tens of tickets with suggestions each day and we gather them all, we analyze them and if some of the are great we implement them."

Let me help you with a great idea that you have ignored, eRep Team.

Install a goddammed simple "block user" button so people can log on and not have to deal with unwanted communications from stalkers and douchebags.

kyvasyat Day 1,688, 10:05

v+ shout

H8000 Day 1,688, 10:13

Comment deleted

eisenmutter2 Day 1,688, 10:15

i made a ticket with the suggestion about a button like with working companies and an extra field 'all workers' to set/change the salary for all employees at once (with possibility to mark some as exception) or to send a message to all workers the same way. but they wont do it... they dont do stuff to make the game better or easier. i have just 20 employees and its bad to change the salary every other day...

Lonqu Day 1,688, 11:52


Norbengo Day 1,688, 13:01


Lord Oli
Lord Oli Day 1,688, 13:16

ma šta fali ovako...

Sret0 Day 1,688, 13:19


The Dark Soldier
The Dark Soldier Day 1,688, 13:23

let's make our erepublik ... and play free

if someone can donate servers, we can do rest

Serbian_Warrior_94 Day 1,688, 13:24

voted ofc! :😁

Tex_Willer Day 1,688, 13:28

Neka naprave da u firmama ili radis Work as Manager ili da imas zaposlene... Nikako oboje

I would like that they make this: You work as manager, or you have employees, not both
That will help

MKConqueror Day 1,688, 13:32

in fact, he is buyin... 10k cc from u every 10 days. Just try putting it on the monetary market, 1cc=0.001g, and wait 10 days.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,688, 13:35

@MKConqueror thats money is not bought by Admin, but by regular eRep players

and 10k cc is nothing 🙁

Geck0 Day 1,688, 13:48


Yoman.Kung Day 1,688, 18:47

Ban Plato!!!

The Cartjones
The Cartjones Day 1,689, 03:21

i have more than 250k cc in my account (b4 converted 😛)
10m is easy peasy!!!

Dendi Uzumaki
Dendi Uzumaki Day 1,689, 09:33

Signed And good luck for challenging admin

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,689, 10:35

@ Anton..give me that 250k and i will raise my goal to 100M 😃

do u rly think that anybody will give his 250k...we can collect max 100-200cc from players all over the world and try to reach this..

this is not solution, but revolt...sign, that we have eill, and admins dont !!!

@Dendi ty 😉

Sliver Lithium
Sliver Lithium Day 1,690, 02:56

great challenge xD


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