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The Royal-Writers Project

Day 1,884, 11:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy


Scroll down for information on the 'Royal-Writers Project'.

Been a busy two weeks hasn't it? I've just written a crackin' essay on Edward Said's Orientalism and am now revelling in free time. With this free time, I thought I would write you an article, about the Kingfusion (read as, 'king-confusion) that's surrounded the legislature over the past few weeks, as well as a few words on my ever-evolving vision of Congress & Snorway, and finally launch my new scheme; the Royal Writers project.


Kingliness is very much a form of indentured servitude. The other week there was a degree of confusion based on Congress' decision to repeal everything.

Within the repealed legislation, tucked away in the small pile of papers marked 'for fun' was the laws surrounding how to appoint a new King, should I kick the Bucket or move to Kyrgystan. The removal of those laws were interpreted by a few people as meaning there wasn't a King; others argued that as a society role, people would continue to have a King regardless of whether congress had inadvertently removed the position - which even then, others argued, they actually hadn't; but had simply removed the procedures to appoint new ones.

How confusing! I didn't feel it prudent to weigh in too heavily on either side of the debate - if people want me as King, so be it. I'll continue to give away all my stuff with a [Royal] prefix. If not, then I guess I would give it away with a different prefix. Long story short there was a popular vote held on the community forums in which anyone could participate, and a Congressional motion to 're'appoint me as Monarch. Both passed in my favour, and so we can continue to have fun and give away outrageous titles. Message me if you want one, it really helps the ego~.

On a personal note I was somewhat touched, and had already sold the crown to cash4gold in anticipation of paupertude. No one has mentioned it since the kerfuffle and I guess it was down to me to clarify things for you.


The Role of Congress

What does Congress do, if they have repealed most of their legislation?

An interesting idea. Game mechanics bestow upon Congress a number of roles, which off-site are often refined and regulated, in simple terms, so as to not mess things up. As I have explained at length in previous articles, the nature of the Congressional election process and our now-moot phenomena of float voting has created what I would describe as an atmosphere of complacency in the House of Commons. Rather than discussing big issues (£1 per copy) they instead deal very much with the peripheral or engage in party squabbles simply to give themselves something to do.

This has a number of detrimental affects on our fair nation, such as;
- Politics is mundane. This squashes new players aspirations.
- Boredom breeds bickering. The three B's. Fairly self explanatory.
- And chiefly: that body which is meant to hold the executive government (CP & Cabinet) to account now struggles to do, or even worse doesn't see it as their role to do so. (An example would be the current war on Norway - I hold no opinion on whether or not it was a 'right' or 'wrong' thing to do, as according to King-bashers I'm not allowed opinions, though it will say it was pretty careless - but this question should be taken up and pondered by Congress, indeed it should have been done so before the war was started) In other words we function now in a society where the wonderful ability to impeach is much overlooked.

Congress have forgotten that it is they who are ultimately in charge, and have gotten sloppy. This confusion of responsibility has meant that our expectations and indeed the standard for Congressmen has dipped, and encouraging them to function ingame, I believe, encourages a degree of naivety which needs to be dealt with, through tutorships or forum usage, before Congress can take back it's role as head honcho.

For months I have been calling for Congress to manage the domestic wings of Government. If for nothing else but to give them something to do. Giving them something to do, with that element of party-competition, should give people the urge to recreate the dynamic and competent Congress we once all enjoyed. I would say more, but I am conscious of the tl;dr nature of this article and will simply provide you with links, firstly the draft to a 'internal government' plan I wrote back in [ages ago] here. It was written in a slightly different zeitgeist, but the basic premise of giving Congress something to do is outlined under the sub-title 'solution'. I still maintain that by creating a new breed of competent Congressmen, they can manage our domestics whilst effectively keeping the government in check. This also tackles the issue of an understaffed MoHA, and will channel party-angst somewhere productive.

IT'S WIN-WIN. Note: Must be done in accordance with this.

Royal Writers

Vote buying is pretty annoying, as I am sure you have all by now realised. I am fundamentally opposed to the buying of votes and the distortion of the media, as it creates a false representation of public opinion which itself can then distort public opinion. Encouraging the buying of votes, therefore puts political power in the hands of the rich. How nice.

I myself have never bought votes, and on the one or two occasions where anonymous people have decided to vote buy one of my articles, I have been slightly frustrated that I can't be sure how many genuine votes it got!

It's the genuine votes that count, but unfortunately, all to regularly in the eUK it's the genuine votes that aren't heard. Getting an article into the top 5 is a great achievement, and on those vote buying weeks around elections, it is those great writers who are squashed out and unheard.

As well as influencing the media as outlined above, vote buying therefore also discourages people from writing. I don't write as much as I once did, and many others have reigned in their publications too. One of my greatest worries (as being a huge media fan) is that new people will stop publishing all together. They won't see the point, or simply will be put off from trying.

It is to they who I say, keep trying! The eUK needs writers, it needs people to contribute to the media and it especially needs newer players to break into the media scene. Write whatever you like' I'll vote it.

It is in light of these circumstances that I have launched the Royal Writers Project. Each week cash prizes will be given out to young writers who have recorded their progress either with me or via this googledoc, as well as any writer who has caught the eyes of the public and been nominated for an award. On top of that, 2 shiny gold will each week be sent to the Project's top writer.


So, little journalists, social commentators and economic theorists, start punching your keyboards because you can now earn good hard cash. Just for trying!

And, to get us going, this weeks 2g winner is:
The Muck Raker published by CptChazBeard.

I'm waiting!

HRH King Woldy I,


To apply for the ‘Woldy’s Young Achievers’ Scheme, simply pop your name in this thread on our external forums:

Have a newspaper? Check out the royal writers here.


CptChazbeard. Day 1,884, 11:53


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,884, 11:59

dat royal : 3

Bohemond4 Day 1,884, 12:01

Woldy is my King!

CptChazbeard. Day 1,884, 12:04

Anything like this is great. Votes should be a benchmark of quality to measure your work against. A new player might have 30 votes for a great article, compared to 300 purchased ones for nothing, and wonder if it's worth it.

I would like to see party political stuff in a separate feed...however, I have a sneaking suspicion that anything that encourages you to spend CC/Gold is OK in the eyes of eRep. Imma work on this theory 😛

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,884, 12:05

As your Baron of Fife I demand recognition.

GregoryG Day 1,884, 13:39

Bob save the King!

Spygon Day 1,884, 14:08

King woldy save us

General Slim
General Slim Day 1,884, 15:23

Damn, Woldy is an excellent writer! Best I've actually seen in eRep!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,885, 23:39


Horice (:

ArnoldDjin Day 1,885, 01:01


Betafoxtrot Day 1,885, 02:24

Am I young enough? :c

FurkanAG Day 1,885, 07:04

UK libre!

ligtreb Day 1,885, 07:56

Voted, good idea for writers.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,885, 09:07

Can I haz title?

Gareth.4686 Day 1,886, 08:08

I'm up for it

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,886, 08:47

There was nothing on the forums or in legislation that did anything you say.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,886, 09:07

all I say is that is what was there, u cray

John Rupert Miranda
John Rupert Miranda Day 1,886, 21:56

Woldy is my King!

Damien P Fleming
Damien P Fleming Day 1,909, 03:21


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