The Loss of Washington is the Beginning...

Day 606, 10:39 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

...of many more losses to come. And even more victories.

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18 July, 2009, Day 606 of the New World - The war is in full swing and Russia is pouring in from Washington and France is coming from the north. Once Canada is wiped out, they may come in from New England.

The eUnited States is falling. We still have 49 states to lose, of which only about 8 are strategically important to the survival of the eUSA. Yet, is that what we want? To lose 41 more states before it "actually matters"? Absolutely not. Is the eUS Government purposely losing? Absolutely not.

PEACE G.C. is stronger than us. We are outgunned every time - on a good day. Of which, two of those nine attacking us are considered the strongest nations in the eWorld.

We have allies, yes. Spain, Romania, Sweden, just to name a few fighting to help save ourselves and our brothers up north. Sweden has been a proud ally, but they have domestic problems of their own to solve. So do Spain and Romania. They just are having the same issues we are - organization, domestic unity, and Congressional safety.

We once used our nation to fight wars for our allies (French Toast, Russian Invasion). Those wars for our allies are now our downfall. The means for PEACE to invade. We are being attacked due to our loyalty and past commitments, and we must stand to defend them. So what do we do? Do we cower and join PEACE in ruins? Do we fight until our nation is gone and then forced to join PEACE? Do we try to reach out diplomatically, and work out a deal which would make both sides content?

What ever it is, the Richardson Administration is working now. Our military is led by wondrous persons such as Eugene Harlot, while our State Department is being coordinated by none other than Emerick. Our economy and war machine is being tracked by the top economic minds the eUS has ever seen: Director Jewitt of the Economic Council, Vice President One Eye, and Publius. Chris Stanwick is working like a dog to evacuate citizens in coordination with local congressmen, and everyone in the military is battling to get an anti-PTO movement done in the eUnited States Air Force.

We have shown, we can withstand hardship and terrible times. We can stand failure, we can stand losing. But what we cannot stand is this - disunity. One day, our enemies will have empty treasuries. One day, our enemies will have a population that no longer feels the desire for war in the Americas. One day, we will be in a superior position to reclaim our nation which is falling. But, will we be united all the way -victory and defeat- or will we show our true colors as battling dogs?

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To Do List:

Check out this article. It's great, and really a good follow-up to this one and gives a more domestic point of view.

Prepare for more battles, and listen for official orders given by the DoD Newspaper.

Keep a look out. Any attack on eUS Soil could actually be a diversion to a more important attack elsewhere such as Canada. Keep an eye out for official orders and key papers such as our President's, Eugene Harlot's DoD Paper, or other fine news agencies.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor